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April 23, 2020

Sitka Students Build 'Aquaponics in a Suitcase'

For the last six years Sitka Adventist School children have harvested carrots, peas, potatoes, rhubarb, rainbow chard and kale from the school's garden. After attending an Excellence in STEM Experiential Education workshop last summer, teacher Kallie McCutcheon wondered if it would be possible to harvest a garden year-round. Thus began, "Aquaponics in a Suitcase."

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WWU to Host Virtual U-Days Event for NPUC High School Students

Editor's Note: Whoops! We got excited about how Northwest Adventists are finding new creative ways to do ministry and mission and published this article too soon. This event will take place May 4.

This spring Walla Walla University will host an online U-Days event in lieu of the traditional in-person event when high school students gather on the WWU campus to experience college life firsthand. Prospective students and parents can find more information about this May 4 event at

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Sammy Stays Home

Sammy and his mom have a little talk about how hard it is to stay home. Watch this creative video made by some of our friends in the Northwest.

Students Debate World Action, Coronavirus Response

Three weeks before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, 122 junior high and high school students from Oregon Adventist schools met at Portland Adventist Academy for their third annual Model United Nations. Students sponsored resolutions to stop the spread of COVID-19. They also explored how best to provide safe drinking water and access to education in developing nations, as well as ways to help countries experiencing civil war and how to protect the rights of people to worship according to their conscience.


Adventist Health Acquires Blue Zones

Adventist Health has acquired Blue Zones®, a pioneer in taking a systemic and environmental approach to improving the health of entire cities and communities. This revolutionary move by Adventist Health comes at a time when public attention is especially focused on the interconnectedness of our health to that of our friends and neighbors in the face of the coronavirus disease crisis.


ACS Gives $1.5 million to Conferences

North American Division Adventist Community Services is committed to supporting the operations of the ACS food pantry ministries of the 60 local conferences within the NAD territory (United States, Canada, Bermuda and Guam-Micronesia). In order to provide that support, NAD ACS is investing $1.5 million and allocating a grant of $25,000 per conference for relief efforts.

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Do Americans Replace Traditional Church with Digital Expressions?

You probably don't need research to tell you the ways in which technology has changed your life in the past decade or two. But what you might not know — and what Barna has recently been examining — is how digital developments and devices are affecting the church.

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Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week
Dandelion Abstract, Merlin, Oregon Credit: John T. Dale
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Help Families Transform Life at Home

Staying at home and social distancing have become the new norm. Parents, along with their teenagers and young adults, are settling in for long-term, life-together existences. Amid the stress that comes with uncertainty, there is opportunity to grow and strengthen family relationships. Here are three parenting habits that could transform family life at home. Let's help families keep their roots, even when the future is uncertain.


Love Matters Most, Part 4

It's easy to criticize the Pharisees. You can spot their self-righteousness a hundred yards away — literally. They were known for trying so hard to be "good" that they prayed long prayers and strapped boxes of Bible verses to their foreheads. But are hyper religious people the only ones who struggle with self-righteousness? Does arrogance and the desire to parade yourself around only show up in one type of person?


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