Special Edition: Person-centred Intelligence


December 2019


In this special edition of Evidence insights we've collated evidence and resources from a range of sources on person-centred care and person-centred measures. 

This edition is an abridged version of a supplementary 'useful resources' guide which supports the Strategy Unit's recent work on person-centred intelligence (further details below).      

Featuring in this edition:

The Strategy Unit 


A guide to implemnting person-centred intelligence and an offer of support
In partnership with Ipsos MORI the Strategy Unit has developed a guide describing approaches to implementing person-centred intelligence (PCI) with an offer of support and a range of case studies.  It is supported by a series of guides and other resources on a dedicated microsite.   

The guides are based on views of national policy experts, clinicians, researchers and those who have implemented person-reported measures, findings findings from a detailed review of the current evidence and insights from systems expertise and experience.  

What is Person-centred care?


A Narrative for Person-Centred Coordinated Care (National Voices, 2013)
This narrative describes what good quality integrated care looks like, from the point of view of anyone who needs access to multiple services over time. Created with the help of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP), and working with service users, carers, charities, commissioners and professionals, it was adopted as a national definition for integrated care by all the system leading bodies in England, including the Department of Health in a national 'Shared commitment' document.

Person-centred care made simple (Health Foundation 2014)
This guide seeks to provide a quick overview of person-centred care. It is written for anyone interested in health and health care, including health care professionals and those who use the NHS.

What is person-centred care and why is it important? (Health Innovation Network South London, 2016)
This brief document provides an overview of what person-centred care is and why it is important. 

Current person-centred care policy  

Person-centred intelligence 

Person-centred measures


Person-centred measures for integrated care

Compendiums of person-centred measures

  • Measures for Person Centred Coordinated Care - a full database of unselected/unsorted P3C measures that is fully searchable and filterable, as well as a “shortlists” database containing selected example measures in various categories of person centred coordinated care (p3c). 
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) aims to compile a core set of questions to assess the most common or salient dimensions of patient–relevant outcomes for the widest possible range of chronic disorders and diseases.  The database can be filtered to find relevant measures.
  • Care Coordination Atlas (CCA): List of 80 measures - measures have been mapped to care coordination domains for three care coordination perspectives using measure numbers and profiles designed to provide more detailed information on the measure’s purpose, format and data source, perspective, validation and testing, links to outcomes, applications, and key sources.
  • National Patient and Staff Surveys - from patients, services users and NHS staff about the care that they receive or provide.  This web page links to survey results published by both NHS England, partner organisations and CQC.
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Group -  has established a number of important resources focusing on Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs).
  • Helping measure person-centred care - evidence review links to an accompanying spreadsheet that provides details of 160 of the most commonly researched person centred measurement tools.  The list was created based on screening more than 200,000 studies published between 2000 and 2013. The spreadsheet allows users to search according to the type of tool, who it targets and the main contexts it has been tested in. 
  • International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) - aims “to transform health care systems worldwide by measuring and reporting patient outcomes in a standardised way.”  ICHOM organises global teams of physician leaders, outcomes researchers and patient advocates to define Standard Sets of outcomes per medical condition. 

Frameworks and guidance

Frameworks of person-centred care 

Commissioning guidance 

Clinical guidance

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NHS England 

Practical guides to measuring impact





Other useful resources  


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