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#ICFPLive Daily Delivery | September 22-28, 2013 | Curated coverage of women and children and the post-2015 agenda.

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World Leaders Confirm their Commitments to ICFP 2013 Delegates 

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry joined other world leaders to open up the International Conference on Family Planning in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on November 12, 2013.

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Huffington Post

Reaching Most Vulnerable Young People With Family Planning & HIV Services 

Huffington Post  \\  David Olson 

Ethiopia -- where international advocates will open their biennial International Conference on Family Planning on Nov. 12 -- has succeeded in bringing down the unmet need for family planning from 36.6 percent of currently married women 15-49 in 2000 to 26.3 percent in 2011.

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Population + Health + Environment = Sustainability?

PAI  \\   Dilly Severin, Communications Director 

Gender inequality, high rates of maternal mortality and unmet need for family planning mean that the needs of communities require a thoughtful and holistic approach. 

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Why we should allow women to make their own family planning choices

CNN \\  By Yvonne Chaka Chaka 

Access to education, the right to make choices about your own body – these are things many of us take for granted. But the reality for many women and young people in developing countries is very different.

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J&J Global Health  

iGabriel iVinnydrey @vinnydrey
Africa: Be Bold, Do Not Shy Away - Girls and Women Have the Right to Access Family Planning Services #ICFPLive #YouthFPC 

FHI 360  

David J. Olson @davidjolson
With 90% of people globally professing a faith, it doesn't make sense to do #familyplanning without faith community, says @USAIDGH #ICFPLive

J&J Global Health  

USAID Global Health @USAIDGH
H.E. Zuma @_AfricanUnion: #FamilyPlanning is more than a health issue it's a social, cultural, political, and economic issue #ICFPLive

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ICFP 2013: A Platform to Engage 

Julia Wiklander, Director of Girls' Globe, invites you to join in the family planning conversation and hold stakeholders accountable to their commitments by using #ICFPLive.


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Her Excellency Joyce Banda, President of the Republic of Malawi 

Malawian President Joyce Banda addresses the delegates of the 2013 International Conference on Family Planning.


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#ICFPYouth Voices
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Crowdblog: Youth Featured Prominently during Opening Ceremony at ICFP

// by IYWG

A call to action for youth participation in addressing global health challenges and access to family planning was a resounding theme during the Opening Ceremony at ICFP.

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Lack of health services for young people fuels HIV and teenage pregnancies

Key Correspondence Team //by James Odong

Today, an international family planning conference gets underway in east Africa, where a lack of sexual and reproductive health services is fueling high rates of HIV infection in young people. 

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Crowdblog: Opening Plenary: Making a Difference through Sustained Political Commitment

Political leaders have the ability to serve as powerful, visible advocates for national and global family planning. Yesterday, world leaders opened up ICFP 2013 with commitments to increase efforts around family planning. 

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Story girls' globe reporting 

Moving Beyond Access: Poverty, Powerlessness and Family Planning 
by Emma Saloranta

When we talk about family planning, the discussion often centers around the notion of “choice” – women’s right to choose if, when and with whom to have children; what birth control method to use; and what to do in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. 

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Family Planning +SocialGood 
by Julia Wiklander

FHI 360, UN Foundation and the Packard Foundation hosted the Family Planning +Social Good – a conversation about how technology and innovative thinking are advancing family planning goals and objectives.

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ICFP 2013—Like Going Back to School

Abt Associates // by Jay Gribble 

As thousands gather in Addis to discuss family planning, I flew from Washington feeling like a kid on the school bus returning to classes for the first day after summer vacation. Seeing friends and colleagues converge was exciting—catching up on what’s been going on, how work is going, and what we expect of the conference ahead of us. 

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Video Blog

Expanding the Contraceptive Armamentarium
Impatient Optimists // by Laneta Dorflinger, Kate Rademacher, Markus Steiner, FHI 360

Armamentarium. It’s a big word. An armamentarium refers to the full range of resources that are available to tackle a problem, often in the arena of health care. Today, we have an unequivocal need to expand the contraceptive armamentarium for women around the world.

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Using mobile phones to give young people full access, full choice  
The Citizen // by Stella Barozi

Young people aged 10-24 constitute 25 per cent of the world’s total population, according to the World’s Youth 2013 Data Sheet by Population Reference Bureau (PRB). Lack of information and reproductive health services also puts both young girls and boys at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. In view of this, some international organizations are coming up with strategies to give young people full access and full choice of quality reproductive health information and services. 

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