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#ICASA2013 Live Daily Delivery | December 7-11, 2013 | Curated coverage presented from Cape Town, South Africa.

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Coverage from Saturday, December 7

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"AIDS is no longer a health issue. It is a human rights issue!"

Attendees of the 2013 ICASA opening ceremony are inspired by HIV leaders, activists, performers and the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Read crowd-sourced coverage by session participants. 

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Emerging Conversations
Report Launch 

UNAIDS Report:
AIDS by the Numbers

 \\ by UNAIDS

Latest estimates from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS(UNAIDS) show that the world continues to close in on the goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by stopping HIV transmission and halting AIDS-related deaths. Remarkable progress has been made over the last decade—yet significant challenges remain.

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Will African Men Line Up for Circumcision If There's No Doctor?

 \\  by

An ambitious campaign in 15 high risk countries in sub-Saharan Africa to foster an AIDS-free generation by circumcising 20 million men and boys by 2016 may depend on a new small inexpensive device that does the job without surgery, pain or hypodermic needles.

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Work Towards Manufacturing ARVs on Continent \\  By Patrick Baidoo & Esther Aidoo

The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, has encouraged African leaders to collaborate and put in place measures that will eventually lead to the production of medications (anti-retroviral drugs) that will help eradicate the HIV/AIDS disease from the continent by 2030.

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Live Conversation

Top Tweets from #ICASA2013 

Participants at ICASA 2013 are helping to capture the conversations using #ICASA2013. Follow the entire conversation. 

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J&J Global Health  

Crystal D Lander @crystallander
Dr. Kaseba-Sata @TeamZazi is my new hero.  Thank you for reminding everyone of the link b/t vulnerability of women/girls & HIV #ICASA2013  

FHI 360  

Humphrey Nabimanya @humbarbs
There has been a lack of focus on SRHR .We can score higher results for HIV if we invest in SRHR #icasa2013 @RutgersWPF @diandaveldman 

J&J Global Health  

Kristof Decoster @KristofDecoste1
Limited role for hetero men at #icasa2013 opening plenary: need to be condomized, circumcised & should refrain from sexual violence #ev4ghou 

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Videos to Inspire

Mandela's Final Chapter: The Fight Against AIDS
// by ABC News

Nelson Mandela once said there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way it treats its children. When he moved into his final act, he turned his attention to them, especially children and orphans with HIV. Watch his powerful story. 


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Empowering Pregnant Women with HIV in South Africa
// by The Guardian 

Denise, in Cape Town, South Africa, recalls how frightened she was when she found out she was pregnant and HIV-positive in 2004. But she says the scheme helped her to protect her unborn baby throughout her pregnancy and she now mentors other expectant mothers herself.


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Youth Voices at ICASA 2013
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ICASAYouthFront: Leadership, Accountability and Participation to Get to Zero

Leadership. Accountability. Participation. These are the three principles guiding the ICASA YouthFront at this 17th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa. The goal of the YouthFront campaign is to draw attention to the gaps in programming for young people, call for accountability from leadership and young people alike, and strengthen participatory mechanisms for young people in the global HIV response. 

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Video Daily Crowdblogs 

Curated Social Media Coverage from ICASA 2013 

By: FHI 360

ICASA 2013 is being crowd-sourced
Coverage of ICASA 2013 is being crowd-sourced. You can play a role by sharing conversation using #ICASA2013.  

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ICASA 2013 Live Blog 
Live updates throughout the ICASA 2013 conference using participant tweets, photos, videos and quotes. 

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Story Key Resource 

Roadmap to ICASA2013: Key Areas of Special Interest for People Living with HIV  

The purpose of this Roadmap is to introduce key sessions and activities that could be of interest to communities of people living with HIV. These sessions and activities represent opportunities to highlight issues from our perspectives, and to reiterate the importance of involving people living with HIV in decisions and solutions. 

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Sixth Stocktaking Report 2013: Toward an AIDS-Free Generation 

// by Joy Cunningham & Kate Plourde, FHI 360 

Today’s generation of young people has never known a world without HIV. Yet, according to a new report released by UNICEF, Children and AIDS: Sixth Stocktaking Report 2013, the promise is in reach of a world where no child is born with HIV and all children remain uninfected through adolescence.

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Video news

How Football is Helping Raise Africa HIV and Aids Awareness
// by International Business Times

Tackle Africa teaches young people how to avoid getting HIV, how to live with HIV if you have it, and how to support others to do the same. All the educational - and life-saving - messages are contained within fun football drills, so all the learning takes place while playing football.

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