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Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference 2015
Oct. 18-21, 2015
Mexico City
Reaching every mother and
newborn with quality care

Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference 2015: Daily Delivery

Recap of Sunday, October 18, 2015

Featured Coverage

Progress within a generation

By Melinda Gates — Every day across the world, 7,400 newborns die, almost all from preventable causes. And 800 women die each day of avoidable complications related to pregnancy and delivery. Getting those numbers down is an urgent priority.

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Emerging Conversations


Bridging equity gaps and improving the quality of maternal and newborn health care post-2015: How will we hold ourselves accountable?

By Emily Peca

At the GMNHC conference, I look forward to discussing how the global community will be accountable in our efforts to facilitate equitable and high-quality services across the continuum of care.

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Let’s create disruptive innovation for maternal newborn health at GMNHC2015

By Lauri J. Romanzi

Let us work within GMNHC2105 find a way to improve health worker density, reward and retention, operative delivery and newborn resuscitation skills and supply chain deficits that plague the progress of health care practice in non-wealthy nations.

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WHO guidelines to accelerate the realization of the SDGs

By Dina Neelofur Khan

WHO’s Department of Reproductive Health and Research is committed to the development and dissemination of evidence-based guidelines to improve the quality of reproductive health care services worldwide. Here are four recently released guidelines.

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Featured Tweets - #GlobalMNH

What are you looking forward to at #GlobalMNH?

Javedur from Bangladesh shares what he's looking forward to at the #GlobalMNH Conference.



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Mildred from Jhpiego in Kenya shares what she is looking forward to at the #GlobalMNH Conference.



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Live Reporting from Girls' Globe

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Finishing the unfinished agenda for mothers and newborns

By Eleanor Gall — The Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference is the first major global meeting after the Sustainable Development Goals were agreed upon in New York last month. As such, it plays a pivotal role in signposting the dawn of a new era – an era within which we have unprecedented momentum and opportunity to move forward in the global maternal and newborn health agenda.

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Storify recap: Welcome to Mexico City and the #GlobalMNH Conference!

Girls' Globe is live this week in Mexico City for the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference. The conversation to improve the lives of mothers and babies kicked off today! Stay tuned for more live coverage during this week.

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Crowd voices

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Assuring quality MNH health service: The next frontier

By Harshad Sanghvi, Vice President Innovations and Medical Director, Jhpiego — Ensuring the quality of health care services must remain at the center of our global health work if we are to end preventable deaths of mothers and babies. In addition to saving lives, this focus on quality has the potential to create a powerful ally – a class of health consumer who champions and demands the level of health care and treatment that all people deserve.

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Integration and equity in fistula care: Goals for GMNHC

Vandana Tripathi, Deputy Director, Fistula Care Plus Project at EngenderHealth — I will keep that surgeon’s vision of “total motherhood care” in mind at GMNHC. At the conference, I hope that colleagues from all corners of the maternal health community will think creatively about opportunities to increase integration and equity in services to prevent and treat maternal morbidities.

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Use of chlorhexidine to save newborn lives: Making people aware through mass media

By Leela Khanal, Project Director, Chlorhexidine Navi Care Program, JSI Research and Training Institute — The Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference holds for us a unique opportunity to come together and think of how to reach the sustainable development goal of ending preventable maternal and newborn deaths. One such way is by preventing neonatal infections using chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care. But just implementing interventions may not be enough; communication to providers and mothers can enhance uptake and effectiveness of these interventions to save lives.

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Share the power to reduce maternal mortality with the rural communities

By Susan B. Aradeon, International Social and Behavior Change Communication Consultant — We failed to meet the MDG target for reducing maternal mortality largely because our indicators were confined to proxy medical solutions (SBA deliveries and ANC attendance). We need to learn from the MDG underachievement. Conservative estimates showed that 130-180 million women were expected to deliver at home from 2011-2015 with 90% of these births occurring in rural areas. This order of magnitude implies that in the short and medium term, the vast majority of maternal lives cannot be saved by the SBA strategy alone.

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The importance of integration in addressing the triple burden of eclampsia/pre-eclampsia

By Steve Hodgins, Senior Technical Adviser for Newborn Health, Saving Newborn Lives/Save the Children — The GMNH Conference marks an important watershed in global efforts to reduce the burden of preventable maternal and newborn deaths, bringing together what have been two fairly distinct technical communities to tackle their shared challenges in a post-MDG era. With movement towards a broader focus that embraces both mother and fetus/newborn, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on where we have allowed things to fall through the cracks and how we might do better.

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