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#ICFPLive Daily Delivery | September 22-28, 2013 | Curated coverage of women and children and the post-2015 agenda.

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Youth Leaders Pioneer Innovative Solutions

It is vital that young people are front and center in making decisions about family planning programs and policy. 

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Evidence is Needed to Support Expanded mHealth Investments in Family Planning

 \\ By Pamela Riley, SHOPS Project

Why are so few promising family planning mHeath interventions scaled up to a national level beyond the proof-of-concept stage?

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Call to Action

African Union Head Calls for End to Child Marriage

The Guardian \\ by Claire Provost

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, chair of the African Union (AU), has thrown her weight behind calls to end child marriage, which is increasingly being identified by human rights activists and public health experts as a priority concern.

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Youth Insight

Youth and Family Planning

 \\ by Mutale Kaimba, YFPA Zambia

There are three major arguments why it is important to focus on the health of young people and to ensure that young people are fully involved in addressing issues that affect them.

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J&J Global Health  

iGabriel iVinnydrey @vinnydrey
At #ICFPLive today, advocacy for more choice = availability of more protection. Let us think towards New Preventn Technologies "Microbicide"


FHI 360  

Girls Gotta Run @GirlsGottaRun
Need to mobilize community to advocate for more community health services when intervention increases demand. #FP #ICFPLive #ICFPYouth


J&J Global Health  

Chelsea Ducharme @chelduch
Leopoldina Manjate, youth activist & young mother from Moz., brought crowd to tears@"Girlhood, Not Motherhood" panel #ICFPLive @FPYouth2013


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Videos to Inspire

Inspired by Youth and Intergenerational Collaboration on Family Planning
Purnima Mane, Pathfinder International

Purnima Mane, President and CEO of Pathfinder International, is inspired by the progress made in family planning and the involvement of youth.


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Integrated Approaches to Family Planning are the Way of the Future
Robert Clay, USAID

Robert Clay, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Global Health, USAID, highlights the conversations around how to take integrated approaches to family planning work.


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#ICFPYouth Voices
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Crowdblog: Day 3 - ICFP Covers Equity and Access to Family Planning for Youth

// by Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG)

Day 3 sessions at the ICFP highlighted some of the most serious consequences of inequity and obstructed access to family planning for adolescents. ICFP also showcased promising programs that have been found effective in impacting sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide.

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Crowdblog: Thursday Plenary - Building the Future, The Young and the Restless
by FHI 360

Issues that affect youth – education, the prevention of teenage pregnancy, gender equity and employment, to name a few – deserve the attention of policy-makers, researchers, and advocates of all ages. This session highlighted some of the strongest and most promising programs that have been found effective in directly or indirectly impacting youth sexual and reproductive health and rights in different regions of the world.

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Story girls' globe reporting 

Building the Future: Youth Rights 
by Marcia Banasko

While it is clear that it is time to place youth rights at the heart of development, progress on youth issues is still lagging in virtually every corner of the world.

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Cultural Barriers to Family Planning 
by Liz Fortiery

It can be difficult to convince people, both women and men, to use health services that are not familiar to them or that are different from their traditional approaches to medicine – cultural beliefs or folk methods may trump doctor’s orders.

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Grassroots Voices and Family Planning: Keeping Women at the Forefront 
by Justine Stacey 

It is imperative that these voices are elevated and incorporated into action plans and goals, especially regarding something as integral to the progress of women as reproductive health and family planning.

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Story Blog

Communicating About Sexual Health with Young People: Lessons From Cats and Birds // by Nina Benedicte Kouassi

When it comes to young people asking their parents questions about sex, they are often told: don’t you know curiosity killed the cat? In other words, they are supposed to just keep quiet and never ask this question anymore. 

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Video Blog 

How Couples Communicate about Contraceptives in West African Nations  // by Kim Martin 

Family planning may not be the most romantic topic of discussion between couples, but contraceptive use is heavily influenced by the nature and quality of their communication. A woman’s perception of her husband’s approval of family planning can affect whether she even brings up the topic in conversation.

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Video Blog

Beyond the Numbers: Key to FP2020’s Success is Realizing Rights of Women and Girls 
All Access Blog // by Suzanne Ehlers and Kim Ocheltree

Adda has given birth to thirteen children at home in her rural village in northern Cameroon.  When asked if she has ever heard of family planning, Adda simply replies “no.” 

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Video Video perspective

Family Planning and the Environment
by Jason Bremner, Program Director, PRB

Jason Bremner, Program Director of Population, Health and Environment at PRB talks about how family planning is one of the most cost-effective ways of addressing climate change.

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