Dear Ronél,

         We're at the end of yet another year, 2016 that is, and it has certainly taught me to filter out the noise around and with this quietening and stillness I realised that I too have become quiet in my interactions with all of you…


Now that I ponder on the year which has passed I realised 2016 held quite an important message for me which I would like to share with you: 


It is liberating to drop the fantasy of there being a more perfect world, somehow, somewhere, and instead accept that we need to engage with the world as it is. It is our world, it is messy, but it is fertile ground for awakening.


Perhaps you have come to the end of the year and don’t feel quite so satisfied with how things have gone or dream of escaping to new destinations in your December but we forget that this space we have right now is more than enough to allow us to prosper.


For me, it’s been a humbling experience which has lead to the making of my next solo exhibition as part of the 2017 KKNK Visual Art Programme, from 8 - 15 April 2017. 


With other exciting exhibitions in the pipeline, 2017 seems to have a bright and exciting energy which I look forward to.


I wish to thank all my clients, colleagues and friends for their persistent support and encouragement of my art practice. 


KKNK 2017

8 - 15 April 

Prince Vincent Building, Oudtshoorn
Western Cape | South Africa

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For the 2017 KKNK Ronél de Jager presents: 

Broeigrond: Fertile Ground for Golden Regrets

This body of work stems from a series of paintings done in 2015, inspired by a road trip taken through South Africa, which was not only a physical journey but one of deep contemplation.
The series “Broeigrond” engages with notions of contemplative spaces within the changing South African landscape which arrest the flow of time. They consider time and space and play on the notions of memory as transcendental, ephemeral and intangible. Traversing unfamiliar spaces, leaving with snapshots of lives alien yet strangely recognizable, real yet illusory in their fleetingness, De Jager attempts to capture and segment the physical landscape with paintings of these fleeting moments.
Along this road trip, De Jager collected flora from the Karoo landscape, saved them in containers where they aged and dried out. These flora represent the biota of a specific landscape, period and people; reflecting it’s history and all of the acts of greed and feelings of fear embedded within. 
Beginning as a photographic process of experimentation, De Jager, uses infrared photography to investigate the characteristics of the landscape and found flora. These are then re-interrogated in her studio as she translates this into paintings and multi media works. These images are painted as part of a meditative process of ‘searching’, contemplating these notions of fear and greed tugging at our landscape and it’s people.
'I found myself immersed in the journey of a people who search for redress and hope for belonging - revisiting memories, harbouring regrets and unrelenting privilege. These notions of fear and greed tug at our landscape and it’s people.' 

From a relaxing December studio - Wishing you and your loved ones wonderful memories and safe travels during this joyous season. 

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