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We're very excited to publish the very first edition of Open Monthly, Network Marketing's update on everything we think is interesting and maybe, even useful! It's our pick of stuff that we've spotted online, some articles we have put together and others that our very generous guest bloggers have donated. We‘d love your feedback, join in the conversation on Twitter or Facebook  or email us.

New Website for The Book!

It is with great excitement that we announce the new website for our sister agency The Book. It's taken blood, sweat and lots of tears but it's finally here and we are really, really proud of it. Have a look, nosy around and tell us what you think. The site is aimed at clients, jobseekers and freelancers with support and help for all. We are particularly pleased with the animation that's on the homepage - it shows our story, in our words and is gorgeous!
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marilyn munroe

If at first you don't succeed...

It is important not to give up when looking for a new job. Did you know that Marilyn Monroe's first contract with Columbia Pictures expired because they told her she wasn't pretty or talented enough to be an actress? Or that Walt Disney was fired from a job because apparently he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas?” Well, we know that they did OK in the end, so how can you make sure you succeed?
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This newsletter is a regular round up of stories and views from the team:  It's our way of sharing ideas, popular posts from our blog and advice. Let us know if there's anything that you'd like to see more of or any stories that you'd like us to share.

Campaign of the Week

We love recruiting for First Direct and HSBC. They have a great culture and way of working. We also love their marketing campaigns; the recent Picture of Happiness campaign was fantastic. It invited customers to send in their pictures illustrating happiness, in whatever form it meant to them. 
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A change is gonna come.

Nick at CCS has penned a few words on employment law for us. Employment law reform has been one of the Coalition Government’s hot topics over the last year and is likely to affect many SME’s in the marketing and creative industries. Branded as an attempt to encourage business to create more jobs, the Coalition wants businesses to be freed of the shackles of regulation and to be able to develop their businesses without fear of Tribunal claims.
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Felix baumgartner's jump

Red Bull Stratos - Marketing masterpiece

Hands up; who watched Felix Baumgarten’s Stratos jump? We did and it was pretty amazing, though we got a bit panicked when he started to spin and were just a little bit impressed when he landed on his feet. The jump was an amazing scientific feat but also a great marketing case study and a masterpiece in innovative content generation. Streamed live on YouTube and watched by an estimated 8 million people..
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Twitter advice

Be careful what you tweet, #Waitrose

Here at Network Marketing Towers we know that Twitter is a great way to communicate with candidates, clients and generally people in the outside world. However, it can be risky. What seems like a good idea within the cozy confines of the marketing department, office, or even on your couch can sometimes go array once they are released into the ‘twittersphere’ as Waitrose recently found out, almost to its cost!
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stop motion loveliness

Stop motion + crochet!

A stop motion crocheted blue octopus. Honestly, what's not to like?
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OK, so it’s not terribly practical, but how amazing is this lightbulb cloud? Just a shame it’s in Canada so we can’t have a go at lighting it up ourselves.
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