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NEW! About the  "LIVE TRUE TO YOU" 4 Session Program
Program package combines Life "Soul" Coaching and Soul Attunement healing energy balance sessions
Check if it's calling to you?
COST: $500 Book before February 10;  VALUED AT $640
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February 6th and 9th, 10-2PM  CLICK to read more     4382 2587    0438 733 517
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The full moon in Leo this weekend, was calling to our core Essence – also called the Soul or Divine Child within –to allow our authentic selves to shine forth.  We each hold a unique vibration as a soul expressed through our natural gifts,  talents, passions and purpose. Your soul frequency is your signature vibration. 2016 is the year for inspired action and conscious creation, aligned to the calling of your heart and soul.
  • Have you been living your fullest potential expression?
  • Have you dreams for your life that you’re suppressing, that feel unattainable?
  • Have you been hiding your radiance and/or gifts?
  • Are you feeling stuck, in a holding pattern and don’t understand why?
  • Aware of issues in life you can’t seem to get ahead of and don’t know how?
  • Wanting life to be different yet unable to stick to your goals?
  • Wanting to feel inspired again?
  • Needing to release repeating emotional, mental and/or behaviour patterns that create pain, struggle and conflict and keep you feeling like you’re treading water?
Do any of these questions resonate? Consider this 4 week powerful package
OR Allow your Divine Child to play and create at one of the "Create Your Higher Vision" Workshops, February 6th and 9th. Click for details
Be empowered to break free and move forward
The 4 sessions of approximately 1 ½  hours combine Life “Soul” Coaching and Soul Attunement healing energy balances.

You set a clear intention I assist you in the initial session to clarify an intention for the 4 week program

Weekly Soul Attunement sessions
These healing energy balances combine several healing modalities that go deeper to the core programs held in your cellular DNA imprints. We access and release the unconscious DNA programming, that’s creating the presenting symptoms/issues. I activate an angelic portal, the Angelic Heart Prisms, for our spirit guides and soul councils to facilitate the healing through me. You receive energy transmissions through sacred sounds, sacred art and hands on healing. As an akashic reader of the soul records, I facilitate release of old karmic records sourced from your genetic/ ancestral and soul lineages.
I use kinesiology (muscle testing) to choose a balance from the Rekindled Ancient Wisdom healing system. This  provides information from Scan Lists and symbols and can access the many subtle energy bodies of your multi-dimensional Being, through all time space and dimensions, that may be creating the issue, Click for more details on Soul Attunement sessions; Sacred Art; The Angelic Heat Prisms
Your committment to my ongoing coaching support each week.
I offer loving support and guidance, practical suggestions and tools to assist you to move forward. I assist you to identify your ‘blind spots and offer insights. You stay focused on what’s important and I act as a sounding board between sessions, as appropriate.  It’s so easy to become swept up in the daily distractions, emotions, obligations and to-do lists and lose your focus on what’s important.

The consistent WEEKLY energy balances and coaching support, keep you aware and focused on a daily basis

Conscious awareness is the beginning of change. You develop the habit of self-awareness You notice the subtle energy shifts and what’s still in progress.

Weekly check-ins for support, allows for clearing and consolidating energies that still need to be aligned, to create the shifts you desire.  

You’re installing new habits of dealing with issues as they arise, as you bring awareness to what’s not working and needs to shift each week.

All in your life begins to flow easily again, when you address issues in one area of your life.

You will begin to live feeling more centred, you'll think more clearly and make empowering choices.
Book before February 10th 2016 and pay $500
(SAVE 22%) Valued at $640 Payment plan available     4382 2587    0438 733 517
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Soul Guidance sessions: Empower you to connect to your higher guidance and build confidence and trust in your process. Get clarity on your heart dreams, the steps you will take, the divine timing and answers to your questions to align to your highest soul path and purpose.Click to read more

Soul Power “Breakthrough” Coaching Programs offer clarity, direction, focus and loving support to align you to the truth of your soul path and your highest intentions. You are lovingly guided in the step by step actions to create an inspiring future as you manifest your heart dreams. The combination of Life "Soul" Coaching, Meditation practises, healing Soul Attunement balances and Soul Guidance sessions empower you to move forward, aligned to the love and wisdom of your heart and soul connection.Click to read more

Meditation “Food for the Soul” groups or individual 6 week programs. Receive coaching and practical tools to access deep states of stillness, clarity and higher guidance. You also receive wisdom teachings to enrich your daily life. Click for more detailss
 I'd love to assist you to kick-start an amazing 2016
Angel blessings of love, joy and abundance
Carolyn Cini, Director of SOUL POWER UNLIMITED, is an accredited Life "Soul" Coach, Sacred Counsellor, Akashic Recod Reader, Wisdom Teacher and Spiritual Healer. Her soul gifts and mastery includes the Angelic Heart Prisms connection to the angelic and spirit realms beyond. She assists you to consciously live your heart dreams as you create more love, happiness, abundance and fulfilment in life. Her work combines coaching and many healing modalities - multidimensional kinesiology, sacred sound and art, angelic healing - to free the true expression of your gifts and passions. You align to the guiding wisdom, love and power of your heart and soul connection.
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