OnLine Meeting of Themed 3D AV Shows - this Saturday 13th March 2021 : 2:30pm GMT
Also several crowd funding 3D projects.

On-line Meeting of Themed 3D AV Shows
this Saturday 13th March 2021 : 2:30pm

3D Photo of Japan

Following on from the "A Visit To..." themed online meetings back in January, we will next be sharing some of the shows originally shown some years back in earlier themed meetings, starting with "Architecture", "Transport" and "A Place I know ".

These will be shared online using a Zoom meeting to be held this Saturday 13th March at 2:20pm UK time for a 2:30pm programme start. Anyone interested can attend, please reply to this email if you require the Zoom meeting login details, they will be the same as our regular weekly meetings for those that are familiar.

We will be sharing the AV shows in Side-by-Side Parallel format, so you will need a suitable viewer, prismatic glasses, or to reduce your sharing window size for free-viewing. It will be necessary for everyone to be muted during the shows.

The running time of the programme is a little under 80 minutes, which will be split into 2 sessions of around 40 minutes, with an interval of 10 minutes. Expect to see images of Venice from the cameras of two different stereographers, a visit to two narrow gauge railways, square rigged ships, a visit to a royal palace, New Zealand countryside, images from Japan, and two visits with a nautical flavour!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday - March 13th!
Best Wishes!
Mike Hillyard

PS You do NOT need a webcam or microphone to participate, you can just watch.
Please also reply to this email if you require details of our weekly online meetings where we chat and share 3D images and discuss 3D equipment and techniques.

We are very sad to hear that Mradula Dixit has passed away suddenly.
She has been an active member of the society for many years having first joined back in 1985
She was a member of the T group folio and for several years was T group secretary.
She attended the society meetings at the Mary Ward centre in London and the society conventions for many years.
Our thoughts are with Kelvin and the family.


Chiswick Photography Auctions

Government restrictions allowing, Chiswick Auctions will have online photographic sales on 15th April and 7th May 2021.

Tim Goldsmith informs me they have one of the best selections of stereo items in an auction that he has seen in a long time, including a Victorian "sweetheart" table-top stereo viewer, rotary medium format viewer, sets of Underwood and other stereo cards, lenticular cameras, a RBT 35mm stereo camera, a Fuji W3 digital 3D camera and a rare Cyclopital W3 close-up attachment. Several of the items entered are from the collection of society member Peter Bryce and include his twin projector set-up and several twinned rigs by Martin Wiltshire.

Entries for theses sales are still being accepted (including "flat" cameras of all types) please contact Tim Goldsmith by email or on 07733 223881.

3D Photography Competitions

Upcoming 3D photography competitions you can enter :  

StereoPi v2
StereoPi-V2 HQ Camera

StereoPi is an open-source stereoscopic camera based on Raspberry Pi. It can capture, save, livestream, and process real-time stereoscopic video and images. StereoPi opens up countless possibilities in robotics, AR/VR, computer vision, drone instrumentation, panoramic video, and more.

Building on the success of their previous board, the StereoPi v1, which helps thousands of makers to take their first steps in stereoscopic photo, video, VR experiments, and run a lot of exciting robotics experiments. They have now introduced an updated version StereoPi v2.  Using the latest more powerful Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 at its heart with a variety of improvements for power supply and camera support along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

You can purchase either just the Stereo-Pi board to add the other items yourself, or you can purchase a full kit of everything required to build your own Stereo-Pi-v2 3D Camera (image above shows HQ Camera and lens which you have to source separately).

This is another Crowd Funded project using the website Crowd Supply which specialises in Electronics.

MINUTA STEREO - A Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera

Domink Oczkowski has launched a Kickstarter campaign, for an analogue stereoscopic pinhole camera.

Rediscover the old technique of stereoscopy by using a binocular camera and a stereoscope!
There are various funding levels from simply donating a small amount to support 3D and the developer to make sure the project happens to actually purchasing one of his stereoscopic pinhole cameras either ready built or as a kit.  There is also a new design of 3D viewer.

Seeking Stereo Viewer Repair Advice

You may have seen a recent episode of BBC Repair Shop where they repaired a Brewster Stereoscope (actually one of our members).

The day after we were contacted by someone with a nice old Taxiphoto type table top stereoscope in need of repair - the glass slides inside I believe are getting loose and some are already broken, the elastic holding the slides is becoming perished and implied its not rotating properly.
Does anyone know who repairs such things? (apart from the Repair Shop.)  I have been asked a similar question on several occasions but did not know who to point them to.  This is a commercial repair of a family heirloom, not something a member should be volunteering to help with unless they are really sure of themselves.
Please reply to this email with suggestions or links to where advice and repair instructions can be found.

Seeking Stereo Cards of John Hancock House in Boston

We have been contacted by Philip Voyer a preservation carpentry student at the North Bennet Street School in Boston Mass. They are endeavouring to continue the recreation of the 1st & 2nd Story both interior and exterior of John Hancock's front entrance and balcony of his house on Beacon Hill in Boston, Mass.

Philip would like to know if anyone can supply copies of a collection of stereo cards that are associated with the John Hancock House in Boston that are as clear as possible to aid with their restoration.

If you can help please email Philip at

Annual Convention and AGM 2021
Goes Virtual : 7th – 9th May 2021

Unfortunately the convention in Harrogate is to be postponed another year due to the uncertainty of group gatherings and movement of people due to COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic lockdowns and restrictions.

We have provisionally arranged to host it in Harrogate at the Cedar Court Hotel next year 6th – 8th May 2022.

To replace this years cancelled convention we are intending doing a Virtual Convention online on 7th – 9th May 2021. (This weekend should have been the physical event in Harrogate which is now postponed another year).

As part of the Virtual Convention we will premiere this years Annual Competition Exhibition show and propose to also have our annual AV5 selection of members shows up to 5 minutes duration (see below). Please let us know what else you would like to see happen in such an event, any ideas or comments or if you have run online events and can offer advice or support please contact:

We look forward to a time when physical meetings and big screen projected 3D can once again happen and be run safely. The health and safety of everyone is our main concern.

Best Wishes and Good Health to you all.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the organiser :
Andrew Hurst – 07768 484971

AV5 - Short Members 3D Shows Required

One of the popular events at the Convention is the showing of short audio visual presentations referred to as AV5 - 3D shows up to 5 minutes long (3D Audio-Visual or 3D video).  The event normally would consist of around 10 shows from which the audience would vote for the one they enjoyed the most. 

For those wishing to take part, please contact AV5 organiser Barry Aldous indicating your willingness to join in.
We already have several entries which would have been presented at the cancelled 2020 Convention.

Membership Renewals and 50% Subscription

Annual Membership Renewals of The Stereoscopic Society are now due and members should have received their renewal notice from membership secretary Mary Paul (if not please contact her).

The membership fee for 2021 is half the previous years to help many of you who have had some financial hardship in 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
This half-price offer (e.g.. £10.50 for UK members) is also available for new members joining us this year, which for the four full colour printed magazines posted each year is a bargain alone.
(This newsletter goes out to many more people than just society members, please consider Joining us and becoming members.)

As members you :

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 Coronavirus no physical meetings are currently taking place. We are however holding regular online meetings sharing 3D images and discussing techniques and equipment, you are welcome to join us first and get to know us better, just reply to this email for details of our online meetings.

Future meetings...

North West – Bury 3D Meeting
Organised by Third Dimension Society

ALL Meetings are currently CANCELLED

North East – Redcar 3D Meeting
Organised by Third Dimension Society

ALL Meetings are currently CANCELLED

Edinburgh Meetings

ALL Meetings are currently CANCELLED

Coventry Meetings

ALL Meetings are currently CANCELLED

London Meetings

ALL Meetings are currently CANCELLED

This newsletter is sent on an infrequent basis to remind you of upcoming meeting dates and announce time sensitive information.  This is in addition to the printed Journal which members receive by post.

Please let me know what you think or any ideas you have for it's use by replying to this email.
Thank you, Andrew Hurst.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of The Stereoscopic Society, who accept no liability for any content.  Any mention of products or services in this newsletter does not constitute an endorsement or approval of those items.

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