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CatSpan in the Community...

Cookies for CatSpan! 

CatSpan volunteers were on-hand at Bosley's North Nanaimo location on May 31 and June 1, 2014 for Cookies for CatSpan!  The bake sale raised $555 plus an additional $138 in donations. A big thank you to Erin and her wonderful staff at Bosley's North Nanaimo!

Block Party…for Cats!

In late May 2014, a local artist named Stephanie created some hand-painted cat-themed pallet artwork and has graciously offered to donate the proceeds of these pieces to CatSpan!  
Click here to see the CatSpan artwork!

April Pet Appreciation Month

April was Pet Appreciation Month at our two local Bosley's stores.  Combined, Parksville and North Nanaimo, raised $1382 for CatSpan!  The picture below left  is Erin of Bosley's North Nanaimo presenting CatSpan volunteer Ted with the gift certificates.  A big thank you to both Bosley's locations for their continued support!

Upcoming Events

Craig Street Market - Tuesday Evenings starting June 17!

Bosley's in Parksville has generously offered to share their tent with CatSpan at the Craig Street Market Tuesday evenings starting on Jun 17!  Our volunteers will be on-hand to promote CatSpan and to sell cat beds.

CatSpan's Annual General Meeting

CatSpan’s 2014 Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for June 28, 2014, from noon until 3 pm at the Morningstar Golf Course.  CatSpan wishes to invite anyone who is interested in learning more about CatSpan to attend.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided - please RSVP to 250-468-5527.  A table will be set up to sell CatSpan fleece cat beds and toys. 

Lost your cat? Here are some useful resources:

Recently, CatSpan has been contacted to help caregivers with their search for a lost cat.  There are two websites that are very handy when searching for a lost cat.  It's also a good idea to check with the local SPCA to see if your cat has been turned in.  

Find Lost and Escaped Cats (FLEC)

FLEC is an off-shoot of FLED (Find Lost and Escaped Dogs), a Vancouver Island-specific website dedicated to reunited lost dogs with their caregivers.  FLEC is a Facebook-based collection of lost and found cats.  To post a picture and description of your lost cat, go to the FLED website and enter the information and upload a photograph.  From there, the wonderful people will create a post on FLEC.  

Cats in the Bag Website

Cats in the lists some key steps in finding your lost cats under their General Search Tips, then more specialized search tips for indoor-only cats and shy cats.  The website also reminds us that "…with knowledge, persistence, and proper techniques MANY cats can be found."  

Do you know the difference between a feral and a stray cat?

The table below is a quick reminder of the different characteristics strays and ferals may display.  Please keep in mind, these are generalizations and not every cat will display the same characteristics.  Adapted from Alley Cat Allies "Feral and Stray Cats - An Important Difference" FAQ Sheet, 2011.

Social Media Updates


CatSpan is making leaps and bounds with social media lately.  In early June, CatSpan joined Instagram as "CatSpan_Ferals"!  Similar to other social media sites, an account is not required to view CatSpan on Instagram - just click on the button below!   

View CatSpan_Ferals on Instagram

Night-Vision Cameras   

Did you know CatSpan uses night-vision cameras to keep an eye on the nocturnal activities of cats?  Volunteer Ted has used night-vision cameras extensively to take snap-shots of cats as they visit various feeders.  The cameras came in very handy to track Buddy, the escaped cat, as Ted and Buddy's caregiver tried to trap him.  Can you spot the night visitors in the pictures below?

Did you know you can donate cat food to CatSpan at the following local businesses?
  • Petmania - 1000 Bellevue Road, Parksville
  • Bosley's - 280 East Island Highway, Parksville
  • Buckerfield's - 587 Alberni Highway, Parksville
  • Bosley's - 6894 North Island Highway, Nanaimo
  • Leading Ledgers Accounting - 119, 425 East Standford Avenue, Parksville
Look for the donation boxes marked "CatSpan".
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