Canada Challenge Update: One Trick Pony

There's something about staying committed to something. Anything. You do all the hard work, go through absolute agony and pain at times but when you stick to it there is a certain fulfillment and contentment at the end. That's deep for a bike ride! But I'm not just talking about riding my bike a long way.

I've spent the better part of my adult life working for a small community on the outskirts of Ndola, Zambia. So I got to know a lot of people. I also got to know a lot of kids who were, for various circumstances, found on the streets. Now they have grown up, graduated or are nearing graduation from Grade 12 at our community school, Monkey Fountain Campus. It's my privilege to have known them in the worst of situations and now in their best of situations. There is a real sense of hope for them and in them. I did virtually nothing to change their life. They and their families and people like our national staff did everything. I am just honoured to keep on keeping on in raising money to see not only these young adults go onto further academic or trade colleges but the next generation coming through also. To try and rid their lives of the scourge of abject poverty.

Riding bikes to raise money is all I have virtually known. I'm trying to change that for the future but at the moment it's still my only trick. I am currently a one trick pony.

The Canada Challenge will raise funds for our Further Education Program "Ukufuma" which in their local language (Bemba) means Exodus. For us it relates to a community moving out of poverty.

The Canada Challenge is eight months out but I am getting pumped for this. In my mind I am good to go.

— Reid Anderton

Simplicity Challenge 2.0

The plan is for 1000 people to raise over $100,000 (that's just $100 each) from this ride, not from your donations, but from what you give up in order to donate. Register for the Simple. Generous. Life study or pledge an amount which you will work towards by the end of June 2018. For example you might pledge $500 and in order to reach that target you have to give up $500 worth of non-essentials by 30 June 2018 and then DONATE that amount to this cause. We'll give you plenty of suggestions and tips along the way.

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Simplicity Challenge Ideas

1. De-clutter the toy room!

Sort through what you already have, create 7 (shoebox size) boxes and give the kids a different box each day of the week. It feels like a special privilege, as they'll have probably forgotten about those toys by next week. Sell or give away the rest and don't buy any more.
2. Simplify Christmas

"I wanted Christmas to be about family, fun and making precious memories for my kids. Buying thousands of dollars worth of toys wasn’t gifting them that at all!" Some great ideas here.
3. Take your lunch to work

"The cheapest lunch option near my office is about $6. I've made a deliberate effort to make my lunch everyday. Today's homemade chicken salad cost $2.85. Over a week, that's an easy $15+ saving."
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