Canada Challenge Update: Introducing Matt

Well, time is ticking and we have about 7 months to go. The support crew is being finalised and we are planning a team meeting in the next few weeks to lock in some details. This month, let us introduce Matt...

Kirsten and I have been involved with Eagles Wings over the last couple of years. Kirsten cycled  in the 2016 NZ Challenge for Change ride as a team 20 rider, and I was on the support crew, filming throughout the week (which included capturing the awesome NZ scenery by drone!). 

We have been encouraged and blessed to be a part of this great cause and we look forward to ways we can support and contribute in the years to come. 

I am super excited to be able to participate in the media team for the Canada Challenge in 2018! Even though I’m not sitting on the bike in pain, I’m keen to be one of the links in the chain, hoping to make a difference in the lives of the students at Eagles Wings.

To say that I love coffee would be an understatement!  We in the developed world spend a LOT of money on it each week, so can I encourage you to reduce or even not buy those coffees for a period of time and put that money aside for a better cause...? Why not make a coffee before you leave home? This is one way we can all help - I know I feel challenged already! 

[Cutting back just 2 x $4.50 coffees per week over the next 7 months = $252 in #simplicitysavings]

The funds raised from this challenge will go towards the Further Education program at Eagles Wings, assisting graduating students move to tertiary or trade qualifications. 

Help us spread the word - tell your friends and family what you're doing and use #simplicitychallenge on social media and be a part of this community.

— Matt Lavender

Simplicity Challenge 2.0

The plan is for 1000 people to raise over $100,000 (that's just $100 each) from this ride, not from your donations, but from what you give up in order to donate. Register for the Simple. Generous. Life study or pledge an amount which you will work towards by the end of June 2018. For example you might pledge $252 and in order to reach that target you have to give up $252 worth of non-essentials by 30 June 2018 and then DONATE that amount to this cause. We'll give you plenty of suggestions and tips along the way.

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Simplicity Challenge Ideas

1. Don't buy a daily newspaper
"As of this week I have stopped buying the Courier Mail during the week. They are $1.60/day, which is $8.00/week. That amounts to $224 I'll save between now and the end of June 2018."
2. Simplify Christmas

Less than 3.5 weeks 'til Christmas, maybe we should take the time to re-think our traditions...
Full article here.

3. DIY Christmas Decorations

"Instead of spending $1/m on tinsel, we made 20m of paper chain from recycled newspapers and about $0.20 worth of staples (i.e. $0.01/m)."
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