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One of our core values within Eagles Wings is that of living simply in order that others might simply live. Our hope is that rather than facilitating a transaction of cash with you, that we assist you in transforming lives. To see lives transformed is an act of deep love and generosity. It is what was at play at the beginning of Eagles Wings when ba Lackson began to reach out to kids living on the street. Loving people is what drove Jo Hedges to undertake her recent challenge, cycling around Queensland. Sadly though, we sometimes get mixed up and begin loving things instead of people. More sadly still, we sometimes use people and love things. I know I've been guilty of it. The fruit of this is that we destroy relationships, hurt ourselves and end up being dissatisfied with what we have and set about accumulating more. 
My encouragement to you as Christmas nears is to consider carefully what it would take for you to Love People and Use Things. 
- Tim Burns
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Camp 2019*

The 2019 Eagles Wings Camp was held from the 8-13th July in Livingstone, bringing together 13 leaders and 25 students from the communities of Kanyala and Overspill.

The purpose of the 2019 camp was to: 
  • Enrich students with the word of God
  • Create bonds of friendship 
  • Help students identify with Eagles Wings values and vision 
  • Sight see, have adventures and take a break from their daily routine.    
The hope was that by the end of the camp, students would be confident to return home and continue to realise their God-given potential, as well as being inspired to take a positive impact in tackling challenging issues. 

One student wrote: “The camp has really been helpful, inspirational and full of fun, I will surely go and make a difference in my community; challenging my fellow teenagers to live a life of hope and inspiration.” and another said "it helped us to get friends and learn to be a good example wherever we go". The overall result is that we have expanded Eagles Wings' scope, we now have a larger number of students that are able to share what they have learnt with other children in the community; and moreover, Eagles Wings camp has enabled us to moved one step closer to creating a community of national change makers. 

We began each morning with exercises, designed to stimulate student’s bodies and minds and prepare them for the day’s activity. Students volunteered to lead these sessions as no leader was well skilled in this, and as a result, the mix of aerobics was wide-ranging, varying from jumps and kickboxing, to traditional Zambian dancing.

Throughout the day, games and various scheduled activities (boat cruise, Elephant and Lion interaction) were available for students, along with time to relax and bond. 

In the afternoons, students were encouraged to participate in team building sports such as football and volleyball. All the activities encouraged students to interact and socialise, helping to forge deep and long lasting friendships. 

In the evening, a time was given for a group to share what they had prepared; after which we allowed students to debate on a relevant local or global issue including Zambia’s future and development. The debates were lively and stimulating and often continued even when the students went to bed! It was hard asking them to sleep and sometimes we let the debates continue until their bodies couldn't allow them to go on. However, due to the intensity of the week, students were encouraged to get as much rest as possible. We really look forward to the next camp, and experience the surprises it has for us. Thank you for everyone who made this not only a reality, but a success!!! 

On a sad note, on our way back, one student got very sick and was admitted in Lusaka for 2 days before being discharged and brought to her family. This was a big challenge but the girl has fully recovered and has since returned to school. 
- David Matolokoshi

Primary School Reports

As the year is coming to an end assessments are given to see the level of the learners and how they have progressed through the studies. The general picture of each class is that learners have done well in most of the classes and many are progressing to the next grades.

One day this term, the Primary Teachers came to school wearing school uniforms! This was to motivate the learners and make then realise a love of school. It was joyous for the kids to see the Teachers in school uniforms. Some kids interviewed the Teachers on what their aspirations were when they were growing up.
Front Row: Teachers in school uniforms
(L to R): Levy, Daniel, James, Beauty, Ngosa, Esnart, Lisa and Clara.
Back Row: The Pupils as Teachers
We had a friendly Soccer Match between Eagles Wings students and another school in our catchment. The Eagles Wings primary school team beat Buyantashi school 7-0 and this brought a lot of excitement to our school!
Our Grade 7 students sat their national examinations from 13-18th November 2019. 42 students sat the examinations this year and will receive their results by the end of December.
- James Kabwe (Head of Primary)

Secondary School Reports

In the third quarter of our school calendar, there were several activities in school with lots of energy and passion from our teachers to prepare learners for life and final examinations. Nelson Mandela once said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I strongly agree with him, however, I think education is not only the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World, but also to end poverty. That has been my and our drive as we serve at EWZ.

Red Cross Camp
In line with the Ministry of Education curriculum, learners who are Red Cross members attended camp in the nearby town of Kitwe. Here they learnt survival skills in all aspects of life, for example, how to treat a person bitten by a snake where there is no nearby clinic or hospital, handling of burns, fracture, and different types of sports injuries. This was so beneficial to our school.

Spelling Bee Competitions
As a school, we have inculcated in our learners self-belief, and courage to compete with others around, and  globally  because  education has no boundaries. I have encouraged and inspired the pupils at EWZ to get engaged in different activities without reference to their disadvantaged backgrounds. 

One of the activities which the pupils took part in was the Zambia Spelling Bee competition. The first round began at the school with the Language Teacher. They then progressed to zonal, district and provincial level, where  Eagles Wings  Christian Community School came 3rd in the country!! This is a milestone for us as Eagles Wings.

On behalf of our students and members of staff at Eagles Wings, I would like to appreciate our partners in educating these vulnerable but potential learners, for their efforts, funds and other resources that enables us to operate and run the school activities. 
Practical Examinations
In the third term, the Grade 12 students undertook practical examinations for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Grade 9 students were practically assessed in Integrated Science, Home Economics and Physical education.
- Wesley Mazenta (Head of Secondary)

2019 Building Team Report

Our goal was to continue the build on the adult education building (slab poured in 2017) and have it completed for the class of 2020. We were a team of 8 with a father and son from Sydney and the remainder of the team from Brisbane. Being a relatively small team we had a massive challenge to be able to complete all tasks in the 3 week time frame.

Zambian locals had started making and laying blocks in February, so we arrived to see most of the blocks laid ready for us to start on the roof. Our days started with the usual walk from our accommodation through the community (about 2km) where you couldn’t help but be energised and excited for the day from all the smiling faces and kids. We had an intense 3 weeks of being under the pump and reaching our targets each day despite the 8 hour power outages and very hot days. 

By the time we left, the building was close to completion. The roof was pitched and sheeted, the walls were rendered and painted outside, windows were installed, doors were hung, a toilet block built and plumbed in, kitchen cabinets built, power and lights to the building and a few maintenance jobs completed as well. The local guys will finish off the floors, painting inside and landscaping. New fridges, a stove and sewing machines will then complete the building fit out.

 As we worked alongside our Zambian friends the site became a place of laughter, singing (mostly Zambians) hard work and unity. Every year we visit we are challenged by the hardships of day to day life and the reality of living in poverty. It’s impossible to compare to Australia but the simplicity of life, community and the amazing power of humility and unity is something our local friends are true examples of.....and you can’t help but be challenged and changed. 

As a team we achieved much in 3 weeks but the work continues for the staff in our Adult Education department as they teach these ladies and men skills that are going to help provide for their families and change their future!

It’s always a hard and challenging month away but a life changing and rewarding one!
- Ben Lowther

Back in Australia (and NZ)...

  Waterfall Wander Wrap-up

In short: We had an awesome time. We raised almost $19,000.  You should come next year!

11 walkers and 4 support crew participated in the Waterfall Wander in July this year. Heavy rain in the week before the walk meant that the waterfalls were spectacular. However, the rain also created a lot of mud on the track and hence our renaming of the event to the Muddy Meander. We walked about 90km and climbed over 2000 vertical metres over 6 days. While some walkers did not find the walk difficult, others found it quite challenging. The distance, the uphill sections, the mud and the leeches all presented challenges to different people. Some were challenged in other ways including their perception of what poverty is, and their level of wealth relative to the Global Rich List. Despite the challenges we had a great time – great food, amazing views, beautiful forest and waterfalls, and awesome people. Some of our walkers had no previous involvement with Eagles Wings and were impressed by hearing stories of changed lives, the small/personal nature of the organization and the proportion of funds that goes to Zambia. We had a great team of walkers and support crew and it was fantastic to see the way that those who found the walk more challenging were supported and encouraged by all. 

- Barb Lingwood
Keep an eye out in the new year for details regarding our
2020 Challenge for Change events!

 Jo's Birthday Ride!

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal"... this was the case for my ride.

For those that don't know, my plan was to ride 5,300 km, pretty much a lap of Queensland which meant I needed to ride around 250 km/day for just over 21 days. See "Jo's Birthday Ride" on Facebook for details of the Journey.

In the end, I rode just over 4000 km in 20 days (just over 200 km/day).

My goal never changed, to raise awareness and funds for Eagles Wings. 

I will walk you through my day,  the alarm goes off at 4.15am,  I would have some breakfast, a prayer with the team and then on the road by 5am, the first 3 hours of each day were the hardest. It was a mental test to stay on my bike, the part of my brain that is my strength and determination had to fight so hard with the part of my brain that just wanted to go back to bed.

On several occasions there were tears saying to my support crew, "I don't know if I can go on". God would win and the strength and determination that He has given me would takeover. Three hours in, I would stop for my second breakfast and one of Joe Jansen's amazing coffees, this was followed by 3 hours of riding which I referred to as my only time of awesomeness. This was when it felt like I was just going out for a local ride on any given weekday.

Around the 6 hour mark, it was lunch time and it was this time of the day when the heat would take its toll. One day our thermometer showed the bitumen was 62°C, the days were generally up around 40°, I usually encountered headwinds and to top it off the sun was always there, beating down onto my face.

God would give me gifts of encouragement along the way and these usually came when I was struggling. There was a gentleman who was driving towards me waving or so I thought, as he got closer I realised that he was waving money, he'd heard me on the radio and thought he would see me along the road.  "You are amazing, keep going, it's a great cause", were his words.  A lady in her camper stopped in the middle of the road after spotting me, I wasn't hard to spot as I was wearing bright pink cycling gear.  "I've just heard you on the radio" she stated and told me she was going to donate when she got home.  The was another gentleman who called on the CB Radio, "Is someone with the cyclist?  What is she doing?" and the truck driver who caught up with us one night at dinner stating "I saw you earlier today about 100 km from here.  What are you up to?"  Without hesitation both these men donated some of their hard earned cash. 

Phone calls from my son, Haydn who was in Zambia with the building team, letting me know what a difference the money raised would make. All the words of encouragement on Facebook, text messages and phone calls I received, all these moments kept me going.

It was on the road to Croydon, right up in the north of Queensland that it started to fall apart, the heat and the headwinds were too much, so for the first time I drafted behind the camper to help protect me from the head winds. I did this for about 15km and with only 20k to Croydon I honestly thought I would make it, until I didn't. We pulled over for water and I can remember Graham asking "Are you alright?', my answer was "No". He had to help me off my bike and help me to walk over to where I could sit down. That evening at dinner, God spoke to me and said "You need a day off".

So the next day we drove to Ravenshoe, the roads were quite dangerous and I believe that God was protecting me from harm. This day for me was extremely hard as I couldn't even listen to Graham talk about the ride or for that matter I couldn't even think about riding without having an anxiety attack. I felt like I was broken, that part of my brain that was my strength and determination was gone and I didn't know how to get it back. I thought that this was the end of my Journey. Lyndell said that we should pray as a team, I knew God needed to speak to someone else and get them to tell me what I needed to do, as I wasn't functioning properly. We received a phone call at that moment from Reid Anderton and with the words he spoke to me and the prayers from my team, that evening I went to bed a completely different person. God had restored my mind and I was ready to ride again.

I got back on my bike and rode from Ravenshoe to Port Douglas. Unfortunately when waking the next morning there were very strong head winds and combined with some heavy rain, it was too dangerous to ride.

We grabbed some breakfast at a local cafe and upon coming back from the bathroom there was a poster and it seemed it was meant for me... 'If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal'.

My plan wasn't working so we changed my plan: I would ride each day until I couldn't ride anymore, I would give it everything I had until I had nothing to give.  I prayed as I rode along that God would let me know when it was time to stop each day. 

My Goal never changed: to raise awareness and funds for Eagles Wings.

Together we have raised over $54000 and have 53 students with an ongoing sponsorship of $15 per month.

I believe all things are possible through God.  My strength and determination all come from God and without Him what I did would not have been possible.  Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

- Joayn Hedges

 DIY NZ Challenge

On the weekend of 7th and 8th December Manaaki (age 10), Tamati (age 7) and Tiaki (age 4) Anderton along with Eli (age 10) and Reuben (age 7) Price undertook a bike challenge to raise money for Eagles wings!

On Day 1, they rode from Petone, through Upper Hutt and over the Remutaka Incline to Featherston (total 64km in 5.5hours). Unfortunately torrential rain and wild storms overnight put an end to day 2 of their ride, but these guys are total legends! 

To date, they have raised over $2500 NZD!!
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