Welcome to the mid year edition of EW News! In this update you'll read about Reid, Tim and Big A's week with the team in Zambia. They were dubbed both: "the wise men from the East" and "The 3 Stooges"... I'll let you come to your own conclusion on that!

We have lots of updates from the classrooms and extra-curricular activities at the school, including some exciting news on the progress of our MOU. I hope you'll be inspired and encouraged by the stories of our students realising and reaching their God given potential... It's actually happening and we couldn't be more humbled and thankful.

We're about 1 week away from our our second Walking Challenge - stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates during the event. But, it's not too late to get involved in the second Challenge For Change team event of 2019 - cycling in New Zealand! One brave and determined lady is certainly putting in the saddle time on her bike - training for Jo's 53rd Birthday Ride. This will be something to watch! But don't just watch - get involved and support Jo in her fundraising efforts, to raise $53,000 AND sponsor 53 kids into the education program.  

We have a Building Team heading to Zambia this September - if you're a plumber or electrician - we want to hear from you!

For the hyper-organised among us - it's now 6 months til Christmas... so if you're looking to get your gifts sorted early, check out our 'Gifts of Hope' today (or sometime in the next 6 months)

As we reach the End of Financial Year in Australia, I look back with gratitude and thankfulness for our faithful financial supporters over the past 12 months. Never underestimate the part that YOU play in all of these stories! To continue seeing our students realise and reach their God given potential, would you consider making a tax deductible gift this week?
- Nat Campbell
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Reid's Reflections 

It had been over 5 years, three more children out of my 4 since I last visited Eagles Wings (EW). I had no desire or reason to after many, many years of travel back and forth. It felt right to stay home. But for whatever reason the thought popped into my mind that I needed to head back, to experience and feel both EW and the surrounding community again. So 6 months later I found myself on South African Airways sitting next to friends and co-volunteers with EW, Tim Burns and Andrew Hellinga. Tim had continue to travel over the years but it would be Andrew's first time.  Which was fun for us, watching his mind race.

Arriving into Ndola airport it felt like nothing had changed. But a few things had. Ndola had developed a bit as a city, with some new shopping malls and many, many more Billboard which are so out of proportion with the amount of advertising required. There seemed to be more money flowing into the city's economy. But the general conversation on the street was that Zambia over the past few years was unraveling all of the economic progress they had made. Inflation was high, wages stagnant and therefore the cost of living had increased dramatically. There were some shiny new things in town, but they were cover for the deep poverty which still continues for the majority of Zambians on the fringes of the city and society. For me, sadly nothing much had changed on a big picture scale of Zambia’s progress towards its ability for the majority to enjoy life outside of abject poverty.

But much had changed for EW and the children and families we serve. Everything is changing for them. Our community school, Monkey Fountain Campus, now has an MOU (seven years working with the government on it!) with the Ministry of Education which will mean that over the coming few years every secondary school teacher will be funded by the government. There are now over 500 students from grades 1-12. Government required 83 children per classroom but our school leaders requested no more than 45 per classroom to keep our vision of high quality education. Our senior management team are very united, committed and passionate about their work. More stable than I have ever witnessed in the past. Ba Lackson (EWZ Director) seems so much more at ease and content with how things are progressing. He laughed and joked a lot while we were there, which is so good to see.

Upon arriving Tim, Andrew and myself could not access any classrooms until we read and signed the Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct. I felt proud of their stance and maturity. Even if slightly humbled ;)

Then, there are now so many graduates all either starting, finishing or have completed further trade or academic studies through our UKUFUMA Program. That is the end point to our vision; that children may realise and reach their God given potential. It’s actually happening. Everything is changing for them. EVERYTHING.

None typifies this better than a staff member at EW who came as a Grade 8 student, was placed into foster care within our Family Program due to a difficult home life (both parents had passed away), graduated Grade 12 at Monkey Fountain Campus, was accepted into teachers college under UKUFUMA, graduated with a diploma in Teaching, applied to teach at Monkey Fountain Campus in our Primary School and now teaches the very same students she once was and understands. 

Clara is her name and everything has changed for her!
- Reid Anderton
If this video doesn't play - you can view it on YouTube here.
When Lison came to Eagles Wings, he was a sickly little boy who had a dream, but never knew or had hope it would come true. It hasn’t been an easy road for Lison. In the midst of his studies, he almost made a difficult decision to withdraw from his studies to go and rescue his sister who wanted to be married off at an early age. He wanted to do this for himself and his family. Now he has achieved an even better development for himself and his family. 

Lison recently graduated with a certificate in mechanics; this is an admirable accomplishment!
- Rev David Matolokoshi (Ukufuma Coordinator)
"All these years I have spent at Eagles Wings, and then going through college has been a journey of doubt. I had questions within me of whether or not I will make it in life. Today, a day of my first real graduation marks the culmination of several years of hard work and great determination, becoming the first in my family to obtain a two-year college certificate. I have started to believe. I was a kid, now I am a man who is able to reason. I will use this certificate to bring change in my life, my family, my community, and one day in Zambia. There have been many challenges in my life, but I believe I have fought a good fight; and now I can safely shout, “Hakkuna Mattata!!!” Meaning, no worries from the famous film, the Lion King." 
- Lison Banda
Grade 12 Graduation in 2015
Mechanics Graduation in 2018

School Reports

Education is said to be the key to success and at Eagles Wings Zambia this is our call as teachers to help learners of different backgrounds to acquire this education so as to enable them to become productive children in the community.

I have seen improvement in terms of reading among learners. They study on their own by the guidance of the class teacher and they feel good as they interact with their colleagues to find solutions to the work given and spelling competitions. The students are involved in a number of academic clubs including drama and mathematics clubs. These are really helping learners become problem solvers together with their friends. These skills are cementing in their minds and they can use them later in life as they do not easily forget what they are discovering for themselves.

The majority of learners in class did well in the monthly tests they were given which was good.

Finally, as a class teacher of Grade five pupils, I am looking forward to see that no learner is left behind despite having different backgrounds which may hinder them from acquiring education.
- Ms Chali Lisa (Grade 5 Teacher)
The first term in the year 2019 began very well. Learners reported back to school with eagerness to learn. During the first week learners helped to clean up the school surroundings. This for us trains them to be responsible of their own environment. During this exercise, learners were very cooperative with the teachers.
Eagles Wings this year organised and held an inter-house athletics competition at the school level. It was interesting and competitive and helped the sports teachers to select the school athletics team which then represented us at inter-school competition. For us, sports give us the opportunity to teach students holistically. 

While other state schools have a wider base for selecting their teams (1400 students in each school) compared eagles Wings with around 500 students to select the team, we competed favourably. In thirteen categories, Eagles Wings emerged first among the nine schools that participated. In contrast, our under seventeen boys and girls did not do well, and emerged fifth and seventh respectively. However, they were encouraged to put in their best next time. Despite losing in some categories, our students were very excited for having participated in inter-school athletics in 2019.
In first term, our students participated in inter- school Social Sciences Quiz and Paper Presentation against 8 other schools (some of which are the most prominent in the country, eg. Ndola Technical). Our junior secondary students came out fifth in the quiz while the seniors achieved third position. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, exposure and self-check was cardinal for our students. Furthermore, paper presentation was judged individually.
Two students represented us. The first one scored 90% and was second while the other scored 70% and was fourth. For us, there is still room for improvements.
One of the benefits of our newly signed MOU with the Ministry of Education is the opportunity to freely attend Continuous Professional Development. Mr Wesley Mazenta (Head of Secondary) attended a recent workshop at The Copperbelt University aimed at training head teachers in managerial skills and leadership. This is part of the government strategic plan, which focuses on 4 areas:
  • Equip school management teams with management and instructional leadership skills CPD
  • Clean, healthy and green schools
  • Excellent examination results
  • No one is left behind - equal opportunity to education by all children
With the introduction of the MOU, we have welcomed new teaching staff to Eagles Wings, supplied by the Government. We asked Careen Kasonde to introduce herself and share about her time at Eagles Wings so far.

My name is Careen Kasonde, a social science teacher at Eagles Wings Christian Secondary School. I recently joined the school after being transferred here in the capacity of Head of Department in social sciences. In the short time of working here, I have had a number of new experiences. Eagles Wings is not just a learning environment but a home for most of the under-privileged children as well as all members of staff.  I am happy that God has given me an opportunity to serve at such a School. When I first came to this School, most learners seemed to be very reserved, and others were labeled trouble makers by their friends.  As a teacher and mother, I have interacted with most of them in a friendly way so as to bring potential out of themselves. I have also counseled some to understand the importance of acceptable society morals and education in general. I teach Religious Education and it has been helpful tools in making the children understand that God loves them and wants the best for them.
At Eagles Wings Secondary, most children are gifted. I am trying to assist them reach their goals. As a guidance and counselling teacher, I have helped senior learners to be serious with their school work as they are the future of our world.  I am also the patron for the school production unit where I involve
them in using both their mental capacity and their hands.  The school has initiated this as a way of making them to be self-sufficient in their future lives.

My workplace is also a haven for all members of staff and learners. The regular devotion time has helped us to grow in our Christian faith and all teachers are encouraged to have devotion with the learners. This has helped learners to know their weaknesses and strength, more especially to dwell on their strength and not to look down upon them.

In conclusion, I can only thank God for this school, and ask him to give guidance to the entire local and international administrator so that many children and staff members may reach their natural potential.     

NZ Challenge 2019

What could be better than cycling the North or South Islands of NZ? Cycling both of course! In 2019 we are heading back to New Zealand – not for a holiday – but to see how we can make a difference in changing the lives of those less fortunate then ourselves. 

Saturday 30 November - Monday 9 December, with 7 cycling days, Auckland to Christchurch inclusive of a rest / travel day,

Team options - Two cyclist teams, at either a 27km/hr or 20km/hr pace, or driver/navigator, or ground support crew.

Cyclist Registration $1750 AUD
Support Crew Registration $1050 AUD
Children $850 AUD
(NZ participant $300 AUD less) 

If you bring a new cyclist to the event (that is someone who has never before joined us on one of our events), we will offer you a $150 discount!

Our target is to raise $50,000 towards the Education Program and 25 new on-going supporters at $15/month.  

Contact for more details.
Register HERE

Help Jo celebrate her 53rd Birthday!

It's now just 3 months until Jo's departs on her epic Birthday bike ride around Queensland!
She is steadily increasing her training and hours on the bike each month, getting ready to take on: 5,300 km at 250 km/day in 21 days.
As her training kicks up a gear, so does the fundraising. Harvest Cafe at Victoria Point (Jo's departure point) is hosting a Golf Day this August! Click the banner to find out more.

Building Update

Building Team 2019 will be heading to Zambia this September to continue work on the Adult Education Building. 

We are looking for a plumber and an electrician to join the team. Limited spaces also remain for general positions / willing hands. If you are interested, please contact 

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