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Living simply sounds so simple, hey?! 

For my family and I it's been a constant source of inspiration and challenge over a number of years. For instance, when our kids were little, we instigated a weekly "Rice night". For that one dinner a week we only ate rice and then with the money we saved, the kids determined where they wanted to donate it. I think it's fair to say the luster of that particular idea wore off after a few weeks, to the point I often chose not to eat anything! But it was really helpful for us as a family to not only remember how fortunate we were, but also that there were so many people around the world for whom a bowl of rice was an absolute luxury. 

Since then there have been other ways we've tried to live more simply but learning to be generous (no matter if we feel like it!) has actually deepened and expanded us. We've nurtured so many new relationships through trying to be hospitable and creative in simple living. It's allowed us to create a new lens to consider satisfaction and gratitude. When we learn to be content, gratitude has grown and amazingly, gratitude leads to cheerful giving. 

We don't have it all sorted. In fact new jobs and increased incomes has made it harder. But our commitment to living life in a way that stretches us and creates new opportunities is something we're committed to because we've experienced the joy and zest of simplicity and it's sister, generosity. 

May you enjoy the journey.

— Tim
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Simplicity Challenge 2.0

The plan is for 1000 people to raise over $100,000 (that's just $100 each) from this ride, not just from your donations, but from what you give up in order to donate. You can also register for the Simple. Generous. Life study.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Make your donations by 30th June 2018 for this financial year (Australia).

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Some Inspiration for June

Rice Night

For one night each week, just cook and eat plain rice. 
Stick to the List
Plan all your meals for the week, then write a shopping list. The trick is to then stick to the list and avoid unecessary spending and impulse buys... Put the chocolate back :-)

Avoid the Fast Fashion

Buy only what you NEED and love what you HAVE.
Make your own Toiletries
This website has recipes and ideas for everything from skin care, hair care and toothpaste.

(Let us know how you get on with these ideas!)
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