Our Eagles Wings crew have a busy few months ahead... we're hosting two staff members from Zambia on their first visit to Aus, we're preparing our bodies and minds to ride across Canada, and we're organising the next Challenge 4 Change ride around South East Queensland! There are plenty of ways that YOU can get involved in these events... you can host, simplify, eat breakfast, ride, navigate or drive. We're glad you're a part of our Eagles Wings family.  

Have you ever wondered why Eagles Wings offers program sponsorship, rather than connecting you to an individual child? Tim answers one of our most frequently asked questions, keep reading... 

Below, you'll find how you can pre-order your copy of Reid's first book - Between running his business, training for Canada and family life, Reid has recently put pen to paper sharing the inspiring story he has witnessed develop since the death of his brother, Steve in 2007. Pre orders for the book are being taken now.

In this edition of EW News, we're also highlighting some of the wonderful businesses, who regularly contribute to the work of Eagles Wings. And, if your an online shopper, there's a new way you can support EW, at no extra cost (just don't use that as an excuse to buy more stuff!).

EWZ Staff Visit

In May and June this year we will be hosting a visit by two EWZ staff members, David Matolokoshi and Christopher Mulenga. David is the co-ordinator of Ukufuma, the further education program and the school administrator. As one of Ba Lackson’s sons, he has grown up with Eagles Wings. Christopher leads the Adult Education program which provides literacy and numeracy classes as well as skills and small business training to adults from the community around the school. I am sure they will have some great stories about these and other aspects of the Eagles Wings programs. David and Christopher will visit Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, St George, Sydney, Victoria and Perth. Please contact if you would like to host part of the visit. 

Canada Challenge

Departure:   Vancouver, Saturday 14 July 2018
Arrival:         Halifax, date TBC.

Have you signed up for the Simplicity Challenge yet!? 
Catch up on the all the details here: 
and if you're in Brisbane, join us for Breakfast on Saturday June 16.
We want as many stinky LYCRA CLAD cyclists to come straight from their training ride to breakfast with us. BUT non lycra guests are also welcome (casual clothing).

SEQ Challenge 2018

In 2018, we're celebrating 10 years of changing the lives of those less fortunate then ourselves. We would love to see all of our past participants return to take up this year's cycling challenge and also many new participants. Bring a friend along for the experience (forward them this video). Together we are aiming for our best ever Challenging event, and Changing the Lives of generations to come!
Register as a CYCLIST or CREW MEMBER for SEQ 2018
The #SEQ2018 Challenge will see cyclists cover 1000km in 7 days! 

Core Value: Individual vs Program sponsorship

A common question we're asked is whether Eagles Wings (EW) co-ordinates individual child sponsorship. We realise that this is a common way to connect people to those living in poverty. Despite this, EW has intentionally decided against this form of support.

Firstly, EW is solely located in one area. Our commitment is to the orphans and vulnerable children and their families that live close to the project's base. This means that beneficiaries and staff often know each other outside of the school or family program. EW chose to instigate general sponsorship of the Education program or Family program to avoid some children being sponsored and others missing out. In smaller communities such as those surrounding EW the heart break as well as potential jealousy or boasting that could arise from individual sponsorship could easily undermine the overall fruitfulness of the project and create unnecessary divisions.

Another reason for operating a general sponsorship process is that it requires less administrative oversight and cost than individual sponsorship mechanisms. EW prefers to minimise the amount of money spent in Australia on administrative processes to maximise the funds reaching the grassroots level. For a small organisation like us, this sort of efficiency is critical.

Lastly, EW believe that by co-ordinating a general sponsorship model, it allows us to better ensure the vulnerable children in the program are protected from any form of exploitation as no sponsor has a direct line to project beneficiaries unless that occurs through one of our teams in the safety of the education or family program structures. Our overall hope is that in encouraging general sponsorship we can ensure a more equitable spread of the benefits to impact as many people as possible and continue striving to be the most efficient, effective and safe organisation we can be. 
- Tim Burns

Reid, the author

On the 14th August 2007, my brother Stephen Anderton (Steve) was killed in a BASE jumping accident in Langeappiken, Norway. What occurred as a result of his death over the following 10 years has been nothing short of inspirational, with over 1.2 million raised for charity.

It’s a story of extreme sports, grief, loss, adventure and ultimately something beautiful being born out of the ashes. 

Pre orders for the book are being taken now.

Corporate Sponsors

We are thankful for the support of a number of family-owned businesses. We recently asked these business owners about their motivation and passions. Please click on the images to find out more!
"Rocky Point are privileged to share in the wonderful vision of Eagles Wings. We love that for us, it is such a fantastic opportunity for us to take part in transforming children’s lives, and helping them in reaching their full potential." - Rachelle
Having visited Eagle’s Wings in her 20’s, founder Sarah Quinn has been passionate about the ongoing work that is taking place in this special part of the world. Whilst she is a teacher by profession, since becoming a mother she is now able to run her business, making personalised keepsake jewellery, from home as she raises her young children. Having purpose behind her new passion is what drives her and assisting Eagle’s Wings financially through profits from her business is something she feels passionately about. “I remember seeing elderly women in my church who would make jam to sell in order to raise funds to send to support Eagle’s Wings. I thought it was so inspiring and beautiful that they used what they could make in order to assist others in need. I like to think that this is my jam” – Sarah.
As a small, family-run cafe, we're passionate about good coffee, home-made food and a strong sense of community.
Being able to run our business in Brisbane and support Eagles Wings, connects us to another community, some 12,500km away. 
We are privileged to have been a part of short term mission trips to Eagles Wings and/or taken part in the Challenge 4 Change bike rides. - Ness.
Fraya is a new business that has started out of a passion to create, but with purpose behind those creations. My husband (Ben) and I have been involved with Eagles Wings for the past 12+ years. We've had the opportunity to live and work alongside our Zambian friends and have experienced, first-hand, the impact they are having on the kids and surrounding community. Although Fraya is still in the early stages, we are excited to be able to support something so close to our hearts. - Niccy.
“GIVE A LITTLE, CHANGE A LOT”. Our Team at Inspirational Heat Bags do just that. What keeps us going is the picture of a young girl who came to Eagles Wings from off the street, she was doing very poorly. Now seven years on, the eyes once sad, the body once filthy, the hair once rotting and the clothes once torn, have ALL changed. Now we see eyes with HOPE, a body that is clean, hair that is shining and she is thriving in the Eagles Wings School, her favourite subject is English. (Click the picture to see her transformation)
Eagles Wings simply changes lives in a BIG WAY. If you would like to be a part of this practical ministry, phone Helen on 3458 1372 or email 

Do you shop online?

We have found and signed up to a fantastic new service with Shopnate to raise free funds for Eagles Wings Zambia through every day online shopping deals. The service allows a shopper to:

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We would love you to join so you can save while shopping online and help us raise funds - all at the same time.

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UPDATE: The proposed Ambassadors Trip is not going ahead in May 2018.  The timing did not suit the majority of those people who were keen to be involved. We are also mindful of the cholera outbreak in Zambia and the impact this has had on the operations of Eagles Wings. At this stage we have not planned for alternative dates but we will let people know if a new possibility arises.
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