Canada Challenge Update:

Ten weeks to go, so things are heating up, so to speak.

I'm trying to juggle my training load in with an increased workload and family time. Not easy. Most days now I am up at 3:00am, to put in a hard indoor session and then try get to work by 6:30 - 7:00am. If it's on-road riding then it's a 9:00am start at work. In short I have to increase training to over 20 plus hours per week. 

But I knew all this before committing to this ride, so I am not whinging.

I know in ten weeks time my body will be brutalised and my mind pushed to breaking. But my biggest fear is not the physical and mental hardships ahead, it is a failure to meet our fundraising goals. This is what stresses me out. I can take physical failure, but I find it much harder to take the failure of setting out to achieve something for disadvantaged children in the communities we work, only to fail them.

I don't know why people would support me again in the cause I am passionate about. Riding around Australia had people in disbelief. Now, it may seem to people that this is easy for me, when it isn't. It's out of my hands, I am just hoping that people appreciate either what I am trying to do, or more so, appreciate the cause we are riding for.

— Reid
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Simplicity Challenge 2.0

The plan is for 1000 people to raise over $100,000 (that's just $100 each) from this ride, not just from your donations, but from what you give up in order to donate. Register for the Simple. Generous. Life study or pledge an amount which you will work towards by the end of June 2018. For example you might pledge $365 and in order to reach that target you have to give up $365 worth of non-essentials by 30 June 2018 and then DONATE that amount to this cause. We'll give you plenty of suggestions and tips along the way.

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Some Inspiration for May

Stop Shopping
Consciously decide to not shop for clothes, gadgets, gear, luxuries for the month of May. (You'll probably still need food, but stick to the essentials). It is the Simplicity CHALLENGE after all.
According to the ABS, this is how the average Australian household spends their money each week. In what ways could you find some savings?
Say it with (home grown) flowers

It's nice to send flowers as a gift - of course, it's very expensive too.

"We save money on flowers by growing our own. We spent $5 on packets of mixed flower seeds and $10 on good quality garden soil. We had a few bricks lying around our yard, which we used to make a raised garden bed, big enough for five rows of different varieties of flowers. And, as some of the seed packets had 500 seeds, we will store them for later use.
We now give bunches of our flowers to neighbours, friends and teachers as thank you or birthday gifts. We are also able to personalize them with homemade cards. We all get a kick out of seeing people's expressions when we tell them that the flowers were grown at home!"
(This idea is from
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Join us for a fundraising Breakfast

We want as many stinky LYCRA CLAD cyclists to come straight from their Saturday ride to breakfast with us. Non-cyclists also very welcome, casual dress code.
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