It's almost Christmas time, and we're taking a few moments to pause and reflect back on the second half of 2018. It's been big 6 months!

Over in Zambia, our annual Kids Camp* saw 24 students experience the wonder of Victoria Falls and the town of Livingstone over one incredible week. The stories that come from camp are always encouraging!

We were excited to host two long standing members of the Eagles Wings Zambia team over in Australia, earlier this year. They had a great time speaking with schools, churches and supporters, sharing updates on the outstanding programs that they run.

Our Challenge For Change events have seen plenty of physical challenges undertaken, for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for Eagles Wings. Reid took on the formidable Canada Challenge, 20 others stayed a bit closer to home, cycling around South East Queensland, and we embarked on our first ever Walking Challenge! (If you've been waiting for an event other than cycling... here it is!).

Looking ahead to 2019, we are in the planning stages to send out a building team, to complete the Adult Education Block. And we continue to move forward in faith! We are trusting that new donors will come on board to support the work of Eagles Wings on a monthly basis.

If you're an existing monthly donor - would you prayerfully look at the amount you currently give and consider being more generous in 2019? Perhaps you currently support the education of 2 children per month... could that grow to 3? We will be providing information in the new year as to how you can be a part of this, but if you need any assistance in the meantime, please get in touch.

As we hurtle towards Christmas, there are three good gift suggestions at the end of this email. 

On behalf of the Eagles Wings family, thank you for your interest, support and generosity throughout 2018. We wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!!
- Nat Campbell

Kids Camp 2018!*

Dear Friends,

The 2018 camp ran from 8th to 14h July. We had 24 students, 7 Zambian leaders, 8 Aussie leaders, and 2 cooks.
A few days before Camp, the leaders and facilitators develop relationships and prepare for a very inspiring and challenging program. During the orientation, we focus on specific camp activities and stress what is necessary to protect, inspire, encourage and guide the vulnerable children coming from very difficult life experiences. Although the Australian and Zambian leaders come from different backgrounds and cultures, they have one thing in common, they are all sons and daughters of God, and they needed to come together as a team that would shape the lives of children.

Our theme for 2018 camp was “Greater things” John 14:12, and whatever we did centered around this theme.
With the support of our sponsors and companies within Livingstone who gave us discounts, we were able to view the Victoria Falls, visit the crocodile park and museum, interact with lions and elephants, go on helicopter flights, ride horses, enjoy a boat cruise, as well as a tour the local traditional village.
At the Victoria Falls, it was wonderful to see the falls and the rainbow, and one child said, “that lovely rainbow feels like a timely celebration and a time to begin a new life with the Lord.”
All the support that children receive at Camp is so overwhelming. One day during camp, a leader noticed that one girl during supper had teared up. She asked her why she was crying. She replied, “I like what is happening here; I never imagined I would experience this kind of life I am experiencing here. Everyone here is just so nice!”

One kid while on the boat cruise was caught on camera, trying an American accent, saying “aren’t going back home man, this place is so cool man.” Friends, camp is often a big change from what children cope with in their homes and communities. I always appreciate the leaders who leave Australia to join us on camp because they get to identify with some of the daily challenges the children go through.

One evening, one of the boys stood up and thanked everyone for allowing him to be part of this Camp, but his voice wavered as he choked back tears. All the other boys immediately stood up and surrounded him with a group hug!!! For the first time during camp I shed a tear looking at how camp was teaching a sense unity in the lives of young ones. These children seem to know when competition is appropriate versus when an outpouring of support is the best way to go.

We finished the Camp program on Saturday evening—the final dialogue session, singing of songs, giving testimonies and highlights, finding lost laundry, putting an arm around a good friend, maybe for the last time in a long time ahead. We had a slide show of all the photos and videos taken during camp, then said our goodbyes to our Aussie friends, and went to bed in readiness for a long drive back to Ndola.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to making this a reality! Next camp cannot come soon enough! We are looking forward to it, and to do it again and again to the glory of our Lord!
- David Matolokoshi (Camp Co-ordinator)

EWZ Staff in Aus

Two of our Zambian staff, David Matolokoshi and Christopher Mulenga, visited Australia in May and June. They visited Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, St George, Sydney, Numurkah, Naringal, Perth and Dowerin. We enjoyed hearing many stories about Ukufuma and Adult Education students, as well as other Eagles Wings programs. They enjoyed learning about Australian culture, eating many different varieties of food, going to the beach for the first time, visiting western Queensland, meeting with old friends and making new ones. They spoke at many churches, schools and other groups. It was exciting to hear of the difference that Eagles Wings is making in the lives of families in Ndola, especially through our first graduates from the Ukufuma program.
- Barb Lingwood

Canada Challenge

Ahhhh Canada; so hard to know where to start...

It was day seven and I was making my way out of Winnipeg and off the plain lands which start just on the other side of Calgary. It had been three days of really difficult riding into a harsh crosswind southerly which never turned far enough to be behind me but constantly teased me in the hope that it would. It was slow going, but I kept pushing hard, punishing my body to try and stay in the game. Come Winnipeg I knew just a hundred kilometres up the road it turned a sharp left and the wind would finally be behind me. As I turned the corner everything changed, my speed increased dramatically, my mind buzzed with the excitement of what was possible. A storm front approached from behind and for over 2 hours I stayed just far enough in front before it finally caught up. But I didn't care, the storm front produced wind gusts which only added to my tailwind. I knew for the first time since we set off we could hit 500 km for the day. My legs, though swollen from bike and saddle sore issues felt strong, and finally my mind was checked in to what we were trying to achieve. Nearly 3000 km down and close to halfway across Canada; even though my sleeping quarters that night would be in the back of the Dodge, I went to sleep pretty content.

3.5 hours later I woke up. Disorientated, not knowing where I was for a while. I set off highly fatigued, couldn't stay awake. The roads were extremely dangerous, as trucks screamed past me on single lane highways. Another storm hit. This time it was not my friend. I just held on to my bike, trying not to fall asleep and moreso, trying not to be hit by a truck. I thought to myself "this is ridiculous. I am gonna die on this road." But I had no other option. It was the only way to Halifax for the record attempt. 

Everything changed over the next 24 hours and the attempt would be over. In the end, I wasn't good enough, or smart enough to put myself in a position to come close to the record across Canada. I didn't want to stop riding but in the end the record attempt changed into something I was not comfortable with. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. 

But here is the crazy thing. Somehow, in spite of my failure people gave above and beyond what I deserved for my effort. We almost hit $70,000 for my 8 riding days. When I attempted the record around Australia it took more than 37 days to hit that figure - even though the end result was $108,000.

I am very, very thankful to everyone who gave generously. I am thankful to my team who followed me halfway across Canada and looked after me really, really well. Mostly I am thankful we have $70,000 to give to a community both myself and my team worked hard for and care about. It was a privilege to put my body through pain for them. 

Failing the attempt will always hurt, but I now class this as a good failure. Thank you!


- Reid Anderton

SEQ Challenge 2018

On Saturday September 15th, under sunny skies, 20 cyclists and 12 support crew departed Mt Coot-tha with a week of cycling ahead of them in support of the children at Eagles Wings.  Many had spent numerous hours preparing for the week, some not quite as much, but all were nervous as they headed out towards Somerset Dam, then onwards to the Bunya Mountains and finally, 7 days and 1000km later, the Gold Coast, with stops at Toowoomba, Warwick, Tenterfield and Casino in between.

For some it was their first time participating in a Challenge for Change / Eagles Wings event and it was a pleasure to welcome the newcomers on board.  For others it marked the 10th time they had donned the lycra for Eagles Wings and these “old-timers” had an idea of the suffering (and fun) ahead of them.

While the opening weekend was tough, it was a good reminder of why we ride – not for ourselves, but so others, with much less than us, have an opportunity to change their lives.  The team had worked hard to raise support before and during the event with some creative fundraising ideas helping us raise over $31,000 in one off donations and on-going support for a further 41 children. Well done all!

While the focus is often on the cyclists who take part in our events, it is the support crew who are the true superheroes, those out on the road all day (resisting the temptation to eat chocolate and finding topics of conversation) and those loading and unloading trucks, preparing meals, washing clothes every day – all with a smile on their face.  EW especially thanks the support crew for their selfless service over the week.
At the weeks end, when everyone is able to sit back and reflect on their achievements over the week, we asked the participants about their high point and low points over the week.  The common themes of course revolve around the physical suffering and achievements – but  coming through time and time again was the sense of team, working together to achieve something for someone other than ourselves.

Will you join us next year?  If you are keen to get involved and support the kids in Zambia but the physical challenge sounds too daunting - remember these events are designed to challenge everyone of all abilities – there is a role for you to achieve your goals, we would love to have you join us.
- Dan Brown and the Challenge For Change Team
Watch The Videos HERE

Brisbane Valley Walking Challenge 2018

On Sept 23-29 fourteen people took part in our inaugural Challenge for Change walking challenge. Over seven days 11 intrepid walkers/plodders walked 172 km from Yarraman to Wulkuraka along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail! We were supported by 3 fantastic support crew who provided ample quantities of food, cold drinks and encouragement along the way. We started walking early each day after a light snack. We often knew the breakfast spot was close by the aroma of bacon cooking.

The walk was mostly not steep but the average distance of 25km per day was challenging for many with very sore feet and legs by the end of each day, and quite a few blisters. One walker was heard to declare “I would rather cycle 1000 km than walk 100”.

The scenery ranged from open farmland to forest with many historic railway stations and bridges. There were some lovely views of the Brisbane River Valley. In the afternoons and evenings we enjoyed some rest/recovery time and then dinner together before an early night.

We had a great team and although the walking was difficult, it was a privilege to share the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Zambia.

- Barb Lingwood

Building Update

Building Team 2019......we are looking at sending a building team in the back end of next year! The project will be to complete the Adult Education building. The concrete slab was poured in 2017, with blockwork to continue before the team arrives. The scope of work would include building the new roof, plumbing and electrical works and lots of painting and fit out of the tailoring room. If you are looking for a practical way to use your skills and serve along side our friends in Zambia we will be taking applications early next year! 
- Ben Lowther

Faith: small word. BIG implications!

It's really something EW try to live out in the most practical of ways. We have faith that the work we are all involved in and striving towards will actually impact and transform lives. We have faith that this work has deeply spiritual and even eternal implications, and so we keep having a crack. We have faith that despite the constant financial pressures we face, God's consistently showing up and will show up- often in ways that we least expect and certainly couldn't have dreamed. You see, the partnership between EWA and EWZ is predicated on the belief that God's heart for us is good. Is generous. Is kind, Is bigger than what we can imagine. So, we do our best, sometimes shakily, sometimes with deep and robust confidence, to have faith that this is all bigger than us and in the midst of that God's got it!
- Tim Burns

Reid, the author

On the 14th August 2007, my brother Stephen Anderton (Steve) was killed in a BASE jumping accident in Langeappiken, Norway. What occurred as a result of his death over the following 10 years has been nothing short of inspirational, with over 1.2 million raised for charity.

It’s a story of extreme sports, grief, loss, adventure and ultimately something beautiful being born out of the ashes. 

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