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Michael Long is a speechwriter, author, educator, and award-winning screenwriter and playwright.

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Take My Course in Speechwriting
Next Week --
We'll meet Tuesday through Friday, noon to 2pm ET,
through the Professional Speechwriters Association.

Want to write a speech?

Need to write speeches for your work?

Want to add a marketable skill to your resume?

Want to feel more confident about the speeches you're writing right now?

I can help.


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I've been writing speeches for nearly 25 years for CEOs, elected officials, candidates for office, business leaders at every level -- and for every occasion: congressional hearings, corporate meetings, keynote events, weddings, graduations, and funerals.

Plus this: I've taught at Georgetown University since 2007, equipping graduate students in PR and corporate communications to do their best professional writing.

Now the speechwriting course I present in the university classroom and corporate seminars is available online -- next week.

Join me for two hours each day, Tuesday through Friday, September 14-17.

We'll meet from noon until 2pm ET for my personal speechwriting course, Strategic Speechwriting: The Method and the Art.

Here's just some of what you'll learn:
  • How to use structure to build a compelling speech
  • How to manage the many and conflicting demands of the people who assign you to write a speech
  • How to focus your work by identifying "the big takeaway"
  • How to persuade an audience by transforming one big argument into several small ones
  • The four elements every speech opening must have
  • A variety of ways to close a speech with flair
  • Using the way words sound, not just what they mean
  • How to use more creative language to keep people listening
  • How to "get to yes" so you write a speech that pleases your boss, your audience, and yourself

Want more details? Click here.

As for endorsements, I'm proud to share these with you -- just some of what folks have said after they attended this seminar:
  • “He was wonderful–cogent, insightful, and hilarious. I learned a lot.”
  • “Mike’s no-nonsense approach to writing is fantastic. He cuts through the fluff....”
  • “…has changed the entire trajectory of how I write and communicate.”
  • “Before I took your class I had never written a speech, but now it is something that I am interested in doing professionally.”
  • “Mike has had a deep and lasting, positive, professional impact on my writing. I now think much more critically and analytically when it comes to my writing. Mike is influential.”
  • “The confidence I gained has been drawn on time and time again.”
I hope you'll join me. I love teaching this course, and I love seeing writers invest in themselves and get the thrill of seeing immediate improvement in their skills. For $995, you gain skills you'll use for a lifetime -- and there's no better time to acquire them than right now, as the working world is getting back into gear.

Join me next week, via the Professional Speechwriters Association. But hurry! Spaces are limited so everyone can ask questions and participate. Hope to see you there.



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