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Michael Long is a speechwriter, author, educator, and award-winning screenwriter and playwright.

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Checking in...

A few weeks off, continued.

Hi, all.

My weekly essays will return in the coming weeks, as promised. In the meantime I wanted to share a few updates on what's been keeping me busy lately:

  • I have a piece in USA Today. I was invited to contribute this piece about finding beauty in the ordinary; in particular, at the grocery store. It appeared last weekend. Read it here.
  • See daily jokes, commentary, writing tips, and encouragement. The newsletter you receive isn't everything I produce for the writing community. Nearly every day I post material on Facebook: film reviews, funny things I've found, cultural commentary, and updates on my published work and appearances. In fact, the USA Today essay above began as a Facebook post. Follow or friend me on Facebook. I'd love to see you there. (You may need to log in to Facebook first for the link to work.)
  • Buy a book. If you haven't yet read The Molecule of More, I hope you will. The reviews have been wonderful. We just completed a long run as a Kindle bestseller (it's only $4.99 on sale as I write this), and the paperback is out in September -- but I hope you'll pick up a copy today. Here's the link.
  • See my new play in New York City. My short show, "Jennifer, Who Runs the Tanning Booth," is part of the Players Theater Short Play and Musical Festival, June 20-23. A young man hits a pedestrian at three in the morning on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A candid engagement ensues. Tickets here. (Use code CAST for $10 off.)
  • See my other new play in St. Louis. I am proud to share that for the second year in a row I am a winner of the Neil LaBute New Theater Festival. This year I won for "Color Timer." In it, a blind date between a professor of psychology and a reality TV producer takes a bizarre turn. As with my winner from last year, "The Gettier Problem," this play addresses how we decide what is real and what is not. It's also pretty funny, I think. July 20-28. Tickets here. 
  • Learn speechwriting with me. Soon! This summer at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, June 12-14 and again June 26-28. These three-day seminars are open to the public. The first session is sold out (though there is a wait list), but the June 26-28 class still has a few seats open. Register here.
  • Learn creative writing with me. I'll also be teaching creative writing via Georgetown for six weeks beginning July 11, meeting every Thursday evening. I cover a lot of topics but focus especially on description and the mechanics of plot. Also open to the public. Register here.
  • Let's talk. Do you need a keynote, breakout session, or seminar? Email me for information. Do you need writing support for a book, op-ed, or speech? Coaching for your own writing efforts in general? Send me an email.

Newsletter returns soon. Stand by. Enjoy the summer!


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