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Michael Long is a speechwriter, author, educator, and award-winning screenwriter and playwright.

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Make Your Point Like a Doctor
With Good News

Some quick tips to improve your writing right now.

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Several times a week, I post short writing tips on Facebook and LinkedIn. (Feel free to friend me or follow me there.) Here are two recent posts that people seemed to like a lot:

#1: My Boss Insists on Using Jargon!
Two problems with jargon:

1) some people don't know what it means, and

2) those who have heard it have probably stopped thinking about its practical meaning.

Good writers try eliminate jargon, but sometimes clients insist on using an obscure term anyway.

If that's your situation, improve the piece like this. Use the term, then follow it with an explanation in simple words: "We need greater policy coherence. Consider all the added value when we coordinate those individual policies toward their common goal."

Non-experts get an easy bit of education. Experts get a humanized reminder of why they do what they do.


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#2: Make Your Point Like a Doctor
With Good News

Ever see a TV show where the doctor comes out with good news?

"She's gonna be fine!" he says.
For bad news, it's a whole lot different. "We did everything we could," says the doctor, and on it goes until the point is obvious and, often, unspoken.
When you write, be like a doctor with good news: just say it. Any set-up only telegraphs what's coming, and softens the impact.
If you're a doctor with bad news, softening the impact is a good idea. But if you're a writer or a speaker with something important to say -- something you want folks to act on, enjoy, or remember -- say it plain.
Say it like a doctor with good news.


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