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Michael Long is a speaker, writer, and educator.

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Make Your Point And Move Along

Minimize how much people have to read. If you don't, they will.

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This week I'm sending along something different: a video.

We are inundated just now with "we care" letters from companies. Their goal? It's rarely clear.

Most seem to be "we gotta get out there!" reactions instead of considered missives. They typically go on and on but tell us nothing we needed to know.

That's a formula for lowering your readers' interest in what you say in the future.

Here's how to write that corporate letter in the current stressful time. The bottom line: Give your readers something they need, or need to know. Say it briefly. Sign off.

To watch this short video (3 mins), click on the photo, or click here.


A little extra note, hidden away down here. I take on a few one-on-one writing students as they appear, usually people who want to improve their ability with op-eds, speeches, or even creative writing. Obviously I have more free time than usual just now, so if you're interested, let's talk. We'll find a price that works for both of us (I'm cheaper than you're expecting these days), and if you have a trade in mind for your skill or some cool item, I'm open to that, too! Email me.

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