July is Mental Health Awareness month
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Welcome to Eflash July 2016!
In this month's newsletter we cover;

  • International Nelson Mandela day (18 July 2016)
  • Mental Health Awareness Month - Depression
  • Launching of Hearts for Hospice project
Hearts for Hospice
As a Hospice we recognise that it is often hard for a healthy person to see the needs beyond the physical/medical needs of a patient.  Patients have dreams and aspirations that they begin to realise will never manifest due to their declining health. We don't want to minimise the importance of the psycho-social needs of our patients which has prompted us to start this project, Hearts for Hospice!

Our recently appointed P.R.O and Marketer, Ashleigh Smith recently started Hearts for Hospice to uplift the lives and spirits of our patients and their families. Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice is proud to announce that Hearts for Hospice is off the ground and flying now!
How this project works; Our patients are discussed in our weekly interdisciplinary team meeting here at B.O.N.D House which includes our medical staff, social workers, volunteer pastor and a volunteer counsellor.  Patients or families most in need of upliftment are identified and the greatest needs or wishes are brought to Ashleigh to make them happen.

We launched this project with a visit to the bed side of a palliative care, bedridden patient by her favorite celebrity Kahn Morbee from The Parlotones (Read more about this story below). And then on Monday 18th July 2016 we took 33 vulnerable children who belong to our support groups to Knysna Spur for complimentary burgers, chips, cold drinks and ice creams and a wander around the Knysna Waterfront. Next on our wish list is a day outing for the mother and siblings of one of our housebounds paediatric patients who requires 24/7 intensive caregiving. The goal is to give them a break, an opportunity to bond outside of the intense home environment and to experience a day that they would never have the opportunity to experience, creating lasting memories for all 3 of them!

All of our projects are attainable through the good will of the public, both locally and beyond.  If you would like to donate to this beautiful initiative, you will find our banking details at the bottom of the newsletter. Please specify that the donation is for the Hearts for Hospice project.

We are also looking for people who would be willing to donate time to these projects. It would wonderful to be able to offer boat trips, helicopter spins, wild life experiences, pampering/massages or paragliding trips or even  picnics on a beautiful farm.  We can only make this work if our Hospice friends are willing and able to help.  

Please contact Ashleigh Smith on 044) 384-0593 to find out how you can help.

We look forward to your enthusiatic responses as we stand together and have a Heart for Hospice!

Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice aims to provide access to palliative care for our community. Our focus is to support those patients with life threatening illnesses, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Each mental health month we are again reminded of the impact of a life threatening illness on mental health. If you can imagine what it must be like to get a diagnosis of cancer or multiple sclerosis or even HIV, an emotional whirlwind begins. There is a risk that feelings of fear, anxiety and depression may follow.

Symptoms of depression include fatigue, changes in eating and sleeping habits plus feeling sad which can mimic the symptoms experienced by a person with cancer and this can make diagnosis of depression quite difficult. The feelings are real and may be experienced by the patient and the family.

So what does Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice do? We assess both the patient and their families because noticing the depression is the first step in helping. It is well recognised that patients with good social support e.g. family, friends or even pets are troubled less by anxiety and depression and often report a better quality of life with reason to keep going. The Hospice approach is to support and strengthen the existing support system. Sometimes one of our marvellous volunteer caregivers steps in and provides emotional support, with enormous benefit. We have also seen that if we can help patients and their families keep on top of their symptoms and provide them with practical support it lessens the distress. We try to maintain focus on living and helping patients to have the best quality of life for the moment that they are in.

Emotional symptoms can be helped with support, but sometimes a combination of medicines and support groups or counselling is needed. First the person must recognise that they need help dealing with their emotions and their responses to the major changes that they are experiencing because of the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. Anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication is very helpful in this regard.

Diagnosis with a life-threatening illness changes people’s lives. The emotional stress can be overwhelming and no-one needs to manage it alone. Our Hospice palliative care team believes in the holistic care of the patient and their family.  We are fortunate to have access to other resources such as FAMSA, psychologists, and a play therapist for children who help us provide excellent care for our patients.
For families who have been bereaved, sadness is normal, but understanding the emotions which accompany bereavement can be helpful. Hospice offers a support group for children, with individual counseling by our play therapist. For adults, hospice runs an 8 week support group, which has been found to be a great source of support and insight to those who have participated.
Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice would like to sincerely thank our 40+ entrants, sponsors and volunteers who made this year's Pedal with Purpose campaign during the Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour such a resounding success!  Our staff and patients appreciate your generosity and hearts for Hospice!
Banking details:
Nedbank, Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice, acc no: 1089003145, branch: 108-914, Ref: Name. Please email with proof of payment with your contact details.
My Village and Loot have paired up! Now you can earn money for Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice when you buy online!  Please check that your card names us as a beneficiary. Click on this link to fast track the process
Every cent earned helps us continue to offer free, quality care and support to our local community!
Making dreams come true!

Our first Hearts for Hospice project happened when a need was brought to Ashleigh's attention that Lize Maree, a 38 year house bound palliative care patient always regretted not having been to a live music concert. Lize Maree is an avid fan of the South African band, The Parlotones who have achieved international acclaim and she is a particular fan of Kahn Morbee himself, the frontman of The Parlotones.

When Kahn first heard about the request he immediately agreed! He was playing in Knysna during the Oyster Festival  on the Saturday night so he gave us some time in the afternoon.
Ashleigh picked him up in a Hospice car and drove him to the patient's house. The whole way they chatted about our patient and our Hospice and what we offer. He is a humble and caring guy and looked forward to the visit.
Lize didn't know that he was coming as her parents wanted to make it a surprise. As he walked in Ashleigh was afraid Lize wouldn't recognise him as he wasn’t wearing his iconic stage makeup but Lize's first words were "OH MY WORD!" as she recognised him instantly!
We then left the two of them to chat companionably for over half an hour. The two of them chatted about their favorite movies, TV series, music etc and Lize told him that of the 11000 songs she has on her playlist, the band with the most songs is The Parlotones. Lize told Kahn how much she loves his music as the lyrics really touch her soul. She listens to music all day long as she is bedridden and on permanent oxygen.

This was a magical experience for Lize and in Lize's own words, she said "This is the best day of my life" and at the end of the visit she was quoted as saying "The best thing about being sick is Hospice"!
We posted this story on Facebook an on 18th July  2016 we have already reached 15,724 people!

*Permission was granted by our patient to use her name and photos*'
Left to right: Kahn Morbee, Lize Maree, Ashleigh Smith, Sr Henriette Christie
For more information on depression  please click on this link
                Upcoming Events:
  • 31 Aug - High Tea (Sedgefield)
  • 30 Sept & 1 Oct - Maison Market (Knysna)
  • 22 Oct - Auction (Sedgefield)
  • 5 & 6 Nov - Leisure Isle Festival (Book Sale)
  • 3 Dec - Street Collection (Knysna)
International Nelson Mandela Day 2016
Community Health Care workers from Smutsville, Irene Prins and Sheila Jantjies spent 67 minutes of their personal time testing blood pressure and blood sugar outside of U-Save. Thank you ladies!
As part of our Hearts for Hospice project we took 33 children from our support groups to Knysna Spur for complimentary burgers, chips, cold drinks and ice creams to celebrate Madiba's birthday. The children were so well behaved and appreciative and we'd like to thank Ruan and his team from Knysna Spur for their hospitality and generosity. It's an afternoon these children will always remember!
Our Annual General Meeting will be held on the 8th September 2016 at 17H00 at B.O.N.D House - 24 Wilson street, Hunter's Home, Knysna
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