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dis·cov·er  :    Every Month is Agent Appreciation @ TAG/United, making business more fun 12 months per year!  It is just unheard of anymore to work with a company that is easy to like!


October is Double Points.  We Want to see you in Costa Rica and Colorado.  Qualify on half the production in October.  Click here for details.

In the right situations, the products fit like a glove:

In case you haven’t seen the new SPWL brochure- Glad to enclose that along with examples how we can illustrate the IRR.  This product is capable of out guaranteeing annuity rates!  Great for rescue plans and wealth transfer.  Click here for an example.
  • SPWL with no physical exams to age 85, 100k face amount!
  • Did you know United is one of the few companies to have excellent current assumption UL? Great for small to mid size cases AND the UL has a special feature that you can convert it to a “paid-up” SPWL.  The client wins and so do you!  You can add the “LTC” rider (QCADB) to United’s UL, and annual pay whole life plans.
  • Many have discovered the annual pay whole life as particularly fair for the final expense market – guarantees and non forfeiture options are always in style!
  • Don’t forget- United does not discriminate, old people like annuities too!  Issued to age 100!
  • How does United sell so much annuity with low rates? WYSIWYG! What you see is what you get!
  • Competitive SPIA rates
  • Chewers, Cigar, E Cigs, and yes, Marijuana, as non smoker on the popular Term, UL and WL.
  • We won’t beat the DI drum as most everyone knows the DI rider is tops when it comes packaging life and DI in the middle market. Stay at home spouses/truckers- no problem!
  • Costa Rica in February
If you’d like additional information on United Life call Patti, John or Brad.
Thanks for who you are, what you do, and for doing it with us!    – The Achievement Group
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