Don't let the PIGO process get you down. TAG is here to help.
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Don't let the PIGO process get you down!

Many of our readers are already avoiding new business delays by using our handy guide to Paperwork in Good Order Success (PIGOS). It's never a bad time to review.
Click here to download our handy Paperwork in Good Order PDF guide
Your Checklist for Success: Double Check this list before sending us your New Business to avoid mistakes that could cost you!
  1. Scan or fax your apps to TAG before sending them to the Carrier.
  2. Send us all the pages, not just the signature pages.
  3. Be sure you’re appointed and have completed product specific training before sending an app.
  4. Use our online contracting! Use it once and your subsequent appointments are a breeze.
  5. Make it obvious what is being sold with a signed illustration.
  6. For extenuating circumstances, please include a cover note! This was the only difference between a decline and a standard on a recent $3m life case. Yikes.

Here's a quick recap of "Operation PIGO"

  1. Scan and email or fax us the app before you send anything to the carrier..
  2. We'll review it and log it into our system.
  3. After reviewing, we'll notify you by phone or email of your next steps.
  4. We'll continue to follow through with personal email updates on your business.

From written to paid, our mission is to serve you.

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