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Current rates are applied to business received on or before Tuesday, August 26, 2014, subject to a 60-day rate hold.
Please note:  EquiTrust will only accept faxed applications on Tuesday, August 26th until 5:00 PM (Central), as long as the ORIGINAL application paperwork is received by Wednesday, August 27th.
Certainty Select®
 3 Years 1.75% Formerly 2.00%
5 Years 2.50% Formerly 2.70%
6 Years 2.85% Formerly 3.00%
8 Years 3.15% No Change
10 Years 3.25% No Change
Option Year 1  
Base Contract 2.60% Formerly 2.70%
MVA Option 2.60% Formerly 2.70%
Liquidity Option 2.10% Formerly 2.20%
Liquidity & MVA Option 2.10% Formerly 2.20%
MarketPower Bonus Index®  
1-Year Pt-to-Pt Cap 3.75% Formerly 4.00%
1-Year Daily Avg Cap 4.00% Formerly 4.50%
1-Year Monthly Avg Part 55.00% No Change
1-Year Monthly Cap 1.70% Formerly 1.80%
2-Avg Monthly Avg Cap 10.00% No Change
1-Year Interest 1.60% Formerly 1.75%
MarketTwelve Bonus IndexTM
1-Year Pt-to-Pt Cap 3.00% Formerly 3.50%
1-Year Daily Avg Cap 3.50% Formerly 4.00%
1-Year Monthly Avg Part 45.00% Formerly 50%
1-Year Monthly Cap 1.50% Formerly 1.60%
2-Avg Monthly Avg Cap 8.00% No Change
1-Year Interest  1.35% Formerly 1.50%

Annuity Rates
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TAG focuses on enhancing your Return On Effort (ROE) via a trusted relationship. Value through actionable ideas, product selection and personal focus, which include:

-Large premium case and advanced markets expertise
-CE and Training for referral building, business planning, processes which provide winning results and concepts to keep you growing
-Responsive, accountable and accurate follow through - for reliable results. Policy review and underwriting analysis to help you secure larger accounts
-Full service DI, LTC and asset-based hybrid plans

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