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While we’re all familiar with what the product does for others, here’s an example of life insurance redefined… the kind you don’t have to die for! As in “WIIFM”… what’s in it for me?


Here’s the storyline. A leading Achiever calls TAG for a “Cadillac LTC plan” for a 55 year old business owner (BO). The BO likes the idea of tax deductible LTC premiums and the ROP feature at death if he never uses it for LTC.

The BO and the Achiever also wanted to look at life based LTC and deduct the premiums as an executive bonus plan. This alternative is a 250-k guaranteed life plan requiring $80,237 spread over 10 years. $8,024 per year for ten years.


Looks like the case is going the life route. The client loves the income rider.

1.  If he lives to age 85 the client can take 9.9% of the DB as an income each year. $24,900 for Ten Years. That’s what’s new and creative. This is an income rider on the death benefit. Truly having your cake and eating it too!  Yes, you read that right - a guaranteed income off the DB not tied to any illnesses - simply a retirement supplement if desired.
2.  If he dies prior to taking any income- $250,000 DB Guaranteed
3.  If he has a chronic LTC need (think of chronic LTC as most LTC claims, but not all, when the client is diagnosed to never get better) the policy will pay out 60-k per year for 4 years for chronic LTC.

4.  Life Insurance for the living, one dollar doing the work of  many!

This works even better on younger ages and longer pay scenario’s. Click here for a synopsis of this example.


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