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Did you know there is a way to help a couple move almost $200,000 out of their estate into an irrevocable trust that is non-transferable, non-assignable, and incontestable with named beneficiaries?  How about one that will grow income tax-free and is protected from Medicaid spend-down after 5 years? All of this without trust fees, attorney fees or trustee fees!

If you would like to learn about this program, please join us on our webinar on Friday December 12, 2014 at 10 AM CST. 
To register for this webinar, please visit:
Or if you would like information emailed your way on this program, please send your request to  or give our office a call at 800-604-9658
You can assure that your client’s end of life expenses are paid immediately and directly to any funeral home and/or beneficiary within 24 hours of the claim being submitted.  Here are some additional details
  • Guaranteed issue
  • Issue ages 0-99
  • Death benefit grows to help offset inflation
  •  No death certificate needed (in most states and even in the states that require a death certificate the claim will be paid and the family has 60 days to submit the death certificate)
  • Funds are protected from creditors, nursing homes and Medicaid: Immediately with the Funeral Expense Trust, or after the 5 year look back
  • Provides your clients and their family with peace of mind
This program includes a free membership into the Legacy Safeguard program.  Legacy Safeguard is a very comprehensive planning and support program that will help your clients and their families record their wishes without having to go into a funeral home.  They are also there to provide support when your client passes away.  Some of the benefits of Legacy Safeguard include:
  • Legacy planning services
  • End of life planning, guidance & assistance
  • Funeral Home locator – when one has not been determined or if the funeral home that was picked out years ago has gone out of business, their quality of service has deteriorated, if your client has relocated to another part of the country or for whatever reason that a different funeral home is needed
  • Negotiation with the funeral home to keep pricing under control
  • Working with the funeral director to help guide them based on your client’s wishes
  • Support for survivors
  • Celebrating life events
When you add this program to your portfolio you will be able to help your clients with both the funding and the planning of their final celebration service.  To find out how, please register by visiting HERE  for our webinar scheduled on December 12, 2014 at 10 AM CST.
If you have questions or would like some information emailed your way prior to Friday, feel free to contact us at 800-604-9658 or reply to this email with your phone number and resident state so that we will be able to provide you with the applicable information and follow-up with you to answer any questions you may have regarding this program.
This is a good choice and a meaningful program to offer your existing and new clients. Final Expense planning is one of the fastest growing segments of our industry – This is a smart and effective path.

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