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How do you make sense of the variety?  Who has the “best” Life Based LTC rider?  Which one is right for the single premium market?  Which one for 1035’s and annual pay life? Do you go with a “discounted DB” acceleration type or one that will accelerate 100% of the DB with a rider charge?  Are there plans that will provide more care money faster?

At The Achievement Group, we have selection and support to help you sift through the choices and find the right one for your client.

Here’s a partial listing of the benefits and features:
Genworth- Can pay 100% of the DB as quickly as two years. Rich Benefits from the leader  in true LTC. They’ve put together a good comparison of the types of plans - CLICK HERE
Protective- Can pay 100% the DB over 5 years. A worthy contender on a low cost GPUL frame - CLICK HERE
North American- Discounts the DB so there is no charge for the rider. You pay for it if there is a claim. More of Chronic type of rider that also pays out for some Critical Illnesses - CLICK HERE
Transamerica- Can Pay 100% with an attractive “money back” feature if the lIfe Insurance is unwanted down the road - CLICK HERE
United Life- Can also pay 100% and is now available on their Annual Pay whole Life - CLICK HERE
John Hancock- Can add a 2% or 4% LTC rider while paying continuous premiums - CLICK HERE

The best way to elevate your sales is to keep the most important thing: engaging your clientele in life review and asking them if they’d object to look at the new kind of life insurance; the kind you do not have to die for.  Of course they would not object!

Better yet, you could ask them where they will go for the money for their LTC.   You can show them a better way to self insure!

You can rely on the TAG team to support your success!  Let’s get designing your next cases. CLICK HERE for the TAG quote request form

**Stay tuned for our next newsletter as we will highlight the annuity plan that triples the premium for Long Term Care.

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