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Five Strategies to Close 2014 Strong
Hopefully you have benefited from the "tailwind" of demand for products that meet the three top concerns of consumers; retirement income, health care costs, and premature death.  We're in the money delivery business that no industry can match!  The official rush to button up a terrific 2014 is under way and here are some ideas to close strong:
  1. Gratitude for what we have; Relationships!  Meet or call your "A" list clients to celebrate your success together.  These are the people most apt to do more business with you and give referrals.
  2. Ask for the deal again on some of the business you did not get.  Sure, you can take no for answer but, ABA - Always Be Asking!  Your belief in you and your recommendation will win more business when you ask more than once.  What's the worst thing that can happen?  That client that has the potential to be "A list" needs another opportunity.
  3. Refresh for 2015.  The saying has gotten almost silly by now: "If you always do what you always have done, you are crazy to expect a different result."  Self Assess and go off-site.  Attend a sales meeting and get some new ideas to modify your business plan for the new year.
  4. What do you have to say no to?  Mission creep and saying yes to activities that get in the way of our goals creates diffusion and mediocrity.  Knowing what stands in your way creates the focus that achievement is built on.  
  5. "Keep the most important thing the most important thing."  There is a key driver and activity to your success.  What is yours and what are you doing to grow it?

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