Watershed events for the Hanleys...
Watershed: a key turning point or defining moment.
The LORD has given us three in the past three months! These three defining moments that have confirmed God’s call on our lives would not have happened without so many prayer warriors praying for us and many others financially partnering with us in this ministry. We praise God for you!
WATERSHED EVENT #2: Commissioned and Supported by Chapin Presbyterian Church
Tim had no idea how hard it would be to leave the “family” the Lord allowed him to minister to and love the last nine plus years. How they loved us! On June 23, Chapin Presbyterian Church commissioned us in our call to the Midlands as missionaries, and Tim left the church with tears on June 30. After 21 years as assistant pastor in two PCA churches that became our families, Tim is no longer “at a church.” And due to the incredible generosity of this church we were able to get over the 70% financial goal in three months of team-raising! A HUGE watershed event.
WATERSHED EVENT #1: Uganda Mission Trip
(May 2–27)  The Lord confirmed through the team of fifteen men, four schools of evangelism in three cities, and preaching to over 2,000 Ugandans outside of local churches that Tim’s primary gift is evangelism. The key leaders on the trip were so convinced of Tim’s gifting and calling, they want him to help lead a School of Evangelism in Uganda later this year and next year. The Spirit of God definitely confirmed Tim’s call as an Evangelist with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship through this mission trip.
WATERSHED EVENT #3: Commissioned by
Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship (PEF)

If you had told us eight months ago we would be here, we would have laughed at you! Tim was commissioned on July 10 as an Evangelist with PEF to call the Church in the Midlands of South Carolina to revival prayer and evangelism through revival preaching and training.
Praises and Prayer Requests
1.  We are amazed at all God has done over the past 8 months. Thanks for praying for us and for so many financially partnering with us.
2.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as we hammer out our future goals and strategies.
3.  Tim is the church coordinator for the Columbia Time to Revive. Pray for God’s Spirit to bring spiritual transformation to the Midlands. For details, please see  
4.  Ask God for churches to invite Tim to preach and train in evangelism.
Highlights and stories from Tim’s mission trip to Uganda in May
  • An hour of prayer with the team at the beginning of each day set the tone for a mighty move of God through the day.
  • Tim preached the Gospel to a group of 950 prisoners in the town of Gulu.
  • The team preached the Gospel to over 2,500 people with many becoming hopeful converts. Tim saw more conversions in that three weeks than he has in the previous 28 years of ministry.
  • The team trained well over 1,000 pastors and key leaders in four very powerful Schools of Evangelism. 
  • The Spirit of God was powerfully present. The team leaders said the team was “the best team we have ever had in over two decades of doing short-term missions in Uganda.”
  • God gave Tim and others on the team a divine swagger to boldly proclaim the Gospel back in the States.

Tim preached the Gospel in an open-market setting for the first time on the afternoon of May 17. He was very nervous since he had never done open air preaching. He went up to a group of about 20 people and preached the Gospel for a solid 20 minutes with a translator as, all the while, one lady sitting nearby kept her back to him. As Tim called for those to repent of their sins and cry out for Christ to save them, Simi turned around, and with a tear in her eye, said she needed to repent and call on the name of Jesus. It was only later that Tim found out that Simi would not face him because she was very upset with him for stepping over her bananas as he first approached the group. Simi did not understand what a miracle it was for a mostly blind man not to step ON her bananas!

Tim was scheduled to preach the 6am and the 8am services (yes, you read that correctly!) at St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Lira. Nelson was to pick him up in the dark at 5:30am. Tim had his faithful flashlight, but there was no guard to open the gate at the hotel’s entrance. As Nelson kept beeping his horn, Tim frantically tried to find the gate and the wire that held the gate closed so that Nelson would stop beeping. Finally, Tim got the gate open and found his way to the car, but now Nelson’s battery was dead. Nelson told Tim he would have to first push the car backward, then forward. Fear gripped Tim again at the thought of pushing a car in the dead of night down a dirt Ugandan road he could not see! The Lord reminded Tim as He did several times during the mission trip, “Do not fear for I am with you. Do not anxiously look about you for I am your God.” (Is 41:10) Incredibly, with Tim running as hard as he could, holding onto the car for dear life, the car jump-started, and they made it just in time for the service. And this was the gift to Tim from the church for his preaching that morning…mmmmm, good!  Fried ants! 
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Hanley Hightlights Vol. 1, No. 3
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