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Issue: February 2016
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Featured Story

Tec de Monterrey researchers exhilarated by nanotech challenges 

Inaugural cohort of professors and postdocs of Tec de Monterrey program at MIT during visit of Tec de Monterrey Rector David Noel. From left: Dr. Olvera Trejo, Dr. Martinez-López, Dr. Ibarra-Zarate, Prof. Muñoz Soto, MIT Professor and MTL Director Jesús del Alamo, Dr. Trujillo-de Santiago, Tecnológico de Monterrey Rector David Noel, Ms. Patricia Jacques, Prof. Alvarez, Dr. González-Valdez, Prof. Castañón Avila.

Recent Events

CICS/MTL Reception at ISSCC 2016

February 1, 2016 • San Francisco, CA

Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

January 22, 2016 • Cambridge, MA

Microsystems Annual Research Conference 2016

January 20–21, 2016 • Bretton Woods, NH

MTL Alumni & Friends Reception at IEDM 2015

December 8, 2015 • Washington, DC

Carolyn Collins Retirement Party

December 3, 2015 • Cambridge, MA

Lam Day at MTL

November 16, 2015

Research Highlights

Solar cells as light as a soap bubble

Ultrathin, flexible photovoltaic cells from MIT research could find many new uses.

Energy-friendly chip can perform powerful artificial-intelligence tasks

Advance could enable mobile devices to implement "neural networks" modeled on the human brain.

Hack-proof RFID chips

New technology could secure credit cards, key cards, and pallets of goods in warehouses.

A virtual "guide dog" for navigation

Low-power chip processes 3-D camera data, could enable wearable device to guide the visually impaired.

New chip fabrication approach

Depositing different materials within a single chip layer could lead to more efficient computers.

Self-stacking nanogrids

Polymer nanowires that assemble in perpendicular layers could offer route to tinier chip components.

Optoelectronic microprocessors built using existing chip manufacturing

High-performance prototype means chipmakers could now start building optoelectronic chips.

Study assesses solar photovoltaic technologies

MIT researchers recommend rapidly scaling up current silicon-based systems while continuing to work on other technologies.

Nanodevices at one-hundredth the cost

New techniques for building microelectromechanical systems show promise.

Harvesting more energy from photons

Quantum process increases the number of electrons produced when light strikes a metal-dielectric interface.

Desalination gets a graphene boost

Jeffrey Grossman applies new materials research to making desalination cheaper and more efficient.

Bubble, bubble, at the flick of a switch

Researchers find a way to control the bubbles of boiling water using a small electric charge.

Big range of behaviors for tiny graphene pores

Like biological channels, graphene pores are selective for certain types of ions.

How to make large 2-D sheets

MIT-led team develops method for scaling up production of thin electronic material.

Bubble, bubble ... boiling on the double

New analysis of textured surfaces could lead to more efficient, and less dangerous, power plants.

Silicon photonics meets the foundry

Lionel Kimerling, Rajeev Ram, and other MIT researchers explore practical ways to bring optical interconnection toward and directly onto chips.

Videos of Interest

WA Cleanroom Showcase - MEMS
WA Cleanroom Showcase - MOSCAP
Sensing is Widely Applicable Across Industries
MIT Microphotonics Center Principal Research Scientist Anuradha Agarwal applies the potential power of microphotonic sensing to a variety of activities, from environmental monitoring to defense.
RELATED NEWS: Chemical Sensing on a Chip
Improving Physiological Models with Patient Data Streams
MIT Assistant Professor of Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Thomas Heldt analyses critical care data to support real-time clinical decision making and improve patient care.
RELATED NEWS: Big, Intensive Data
What Is A Semiconductor?
Jamie Teherani videos: MTL alumnus Jamie Teherani created two short educational videos for the School of Engineering in 2014 and 2015. It is very fitting and appropriate that Jamie is now a junior faculty member at Columbia University. Congratulations, Jamie!
How Computers Compute (Science Out Loud S2 Ep5)
Jamie Teherani video: How Computers Compute: The first of two short educational videos created by MTL alumnus Jamie Teherani in 2014 and 2015.

Promotions & Appointments


In Profile:
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
Michael Watts:
Local boy makes good
HARTING Joins MIT Microsystems Industrial Group
MIT announces "Innovation Node" in Hong Kong
MIT joins $171M public-private consortium on manufacturing flexible electronics
The second semiconductor revolution

Awards & Honors

Tisdale wins Sloan Research Fellowship
Tisdale and Buonassisi win Presidential Early Career Awards
Chandrakasan receives honorary doctorate from KU Leuven
Zheng Zhang gives 2015 Fall Term MTL Doctoral Dissertation Seminar (DDS)
Antoniadis receives IEEE Jun-Ichi Nishizawa Medal
MTL Students, Alumni, and Faculty Win at IEDM 2015
Berggren and Ram named IEEE Fellows
MTL Director Jesús del Alamo honored by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid with Doctor Honoris Causa
Weng Hong Teh receives 2015 Ernst A. Guillemin Thesis Award
Jianqiang Lin received the 2015 Best PhD Thesis Award in Electrical Engineering
Karen Gleason receives 2015 Charles M.A. Stine Award 
Jianqiang Lin recipient of 2015 Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation Award


Ionic Liquid Thrusters fabricated in MTL featured in cover of MRS Bulletin


MTL Seminar Series 
Spring 2016 calendar
MTL 2015 Annual Report

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