Welcome to Summer
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Welcome to Summer,

We hope this finds you in rest-and-relaxation mode and possibly on vacation! It has been an honor to work with so many of you this school year. Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures in response to our last newsletter. One of our favorite pictures came in from a former student of mine who is graduating from college. 

We have included our latest product updates. When schools purchase printed, ready-to-use, binders and guides through us, implementation of Organized Binder is far more effective. Also, we have included some Community College feedback from our end of the semester surveys. 

Finally, we are moving from a monthly to a seasonal newsletter to keep your inbox volume to a minimum! Please be sure to check-in when each newsletter drops. 

The Organized Binder team is working hard this summer to gear up for next school year! Enjoy a well deserved break and we will see you the Fall.


Lasting Impact

"Hi Mr. Weathers, I hope you are doing well. I was in your class about four years ago! I just wanted to thank you! I will be graduating with a Biology major with an emphasis in Physiology. I could not have done it without the Organized Binder Unit Packets!"
"One student told me she was almost brought to tears when I gave her the binder. For people who struggle with resources, this was a boon."

— Sacramento City College Professor

Printing Services

Organized Binder. Mr. Binder. Makin' copies. At the copy machine.

One hurdle to successful implementation for schools and teachers has always been printing. Good news! We are able to help with this sticking point. Organized Binder is now offering Class Sets of the printed materials needed. Let us take care of printing, so you can focus on teaching.

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Community College Feedback

"Overall it made the class a lot easier to manage and understand."

"I found the Organized binder to be very resourceful in helping me manage my class and time. I appreciated all the detail in organization. I wish I could have one for every class."

"The binder helped me keep track with everything we are doing in class, especially homework and due date. It helped me keep things organized and get through the class easily."

"I liked the Goal section of the binder. It helped me focus on the goals I had in the class. The Agenda helped me create a personal agenda for important dates throughout the semester."

Share Your Story

We would love to hear about your experience with Organized Binder. Please take a moment and share with us the great things happening with you and your students! 
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