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Welcome Back!

Yes, it's that bittersweet time of year once again. We hope you had a fantastic summer and that you are rested and ready for a great school year. We'd like to take a quick minute to let you know we now offer printed, ready-to-use binders and to share a recent favorite student success story.

Here we go!

Ready-to-use Student Binders!

Did you know we now offer printed, ready-to-use student binders? To make things as easy as possible they are conveniently delivered as Class Sets. A major obstacle for many schools/districts implementing Organized Binder is reproducing, distributing, storing, and replenishing Organized Binder contents, not to mention supplying binders for students. We solved this pain-point by offering complete student binders with printed System Files, Guides and high quality, eco-friendly, 3-ring binders. Let us handle your printing needs, so you can focus on teaching.
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"I had 8th graders tell me that they loved how I taught them to be organized and that I prepared them for high school. ."

— Pamela Gray, Philadelphia Middle School Teacher

College Student Feedback

As our ongoing Sacramento City College collaboration continues to grow and expand, a number of English instructors implemented Organized Binder in the college's Accelerated Program. This initiative supports students who did not qualify for their Composition Course with an additional concurrent course, English 108. Here is one of our favorite student quotes:

"The Organized Binders I must say were a blessing. They helped me stay organized as the name states; however, the goal page in particular affected me more than I thought it would.  I felt that goal setting at different periods throughout the semester was cliché. At the end of the day when all I wanted to do was sleep and put my work off for later, I would think of the daily task I put on my goal sheet. That task for me was doing some homework before bed and that was exactly what I did. I still wonder why writing that down made me do it, but I look at it as a promise. I wrote in pen on that page; therefore, it was set in stone, so I had to do my homework before bed. It definitely helped me stay on track with what was going on in class and I am thankful for it."
Read more student feedback here

Share Your Story

We would love to hear about your experience with Organized Binder. Please take a moment and share with us the great things happening with you and your students! 
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