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GEM Reveal Summer 2013

Achievements and the road ahead...


On 25th and 26th June, 125 experts and stakeholders from around the globe will gather in Pavia, Italy for GEM Reveal Summer 2013. The event will mark progress towards a shared understanding of earthquake risk assessment and most importantly towards an open platform of tools and resources, responding to the earthquake risk assessment needs across the globe.
Follow #GEMRVL2013 to get insights from the meeting and contribute to the exchange. Read more.

The latest GEM products


OpenQuake Engine v1.0!

Next week, after 3.5 years of open-source test-driven development, the first version of the OpenQuake Engine will be released, together with a user instruction manual, tutorials and demo-files. GEM’s state-of-the-art software for seismic hazard and risk assessment at varying scales of resolution can be used on a cluster, in the cloud or on a laptop. It is open-source, fully transparent and can be used with GEM or user-developed models to carry out scenario-based and probabilistic calculations and produce a great variety of hazard and risk related outputs. Learn more.

A millennium of earthquake history accessible online

GEM’s Global Historical Earthquake Catalogue will be released on June 25th, together with access to the extensive Global Historical Earthquake Archive the consortium of INGV and BGS developed in collaboration with experts worldwide. Both products currently have a threshold of M≥7. They represent an important step forward in mapping and understanding the world’s seismic history, with for example 12 times more events in Indonesia and 6 times more in the Himalayas, compared to other global catalogues. When combining the catalogue data with that from the ISC-GEM Instrumental Catalogue released in January this year, we can begin to understand the spatial distribution of earthquake events. Read more.

News from the regions

Africa: A GEM sub-Saharan Africa (GSSA) workshop was hosted by Africa Array in January 2013, presentations were held at EGU 2013 and the GSSA group has sent in a proposal for funding of a more structured effort for hazard and risk assessment in the region. Read more.

Asia & Pacific:  
  • A 3-day South Asia regional workshop took place in March 2013, facilitated by NSET, Nepal’s National Society for Earthquake Technology, focusing both on earthquake resilience as well as hazard and risk modeling with the OpenQuake Engine. Read more.
  • Collaboration and knowledge exchange with North-East Asia is progressing. GEM-participant NIED organised a symposium on hazard assessment in Sendai, Japan, gathering scientists from China, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, United States and Vietnam. Marco Pagani presented GEM’s community tools for PSHA. Read more.
Central Asia: The Central Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences organised a 5-day workshop on exposure and vulnerability assessment in Bishkek in April. The workshop aimed to harmonise building typologies in the region, making use of the GEM Building Taxonomy and served as knowledge transfer session on vulnerability functions. Read more.
Europe: The SHARE project has come to an end, leaving a legacy of a new generation of harmonised hazard results and maps, which both characterize hazard across Europe and its uncertainty. Read more.
Latin America:
  • The GEM Foundation sponsored the participation of 14 Latin American experts in a seismic hazard special session, at the AGU 2013 Meeting of the Americas, and was also present with a GEM booth; a great opportunity to discuss on-going GEM-related activities in the continent, and meet partners. Read more.
  • Julio Garcia (INOGS, Trieste) and Maria Belen Benito (UPM, Spain), collaborating with GEM on hazard and risk assessment in the Caribbean and Central America, went to the Greater Antilles for a weeklong visit of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Read more.

GEM going forward

The Governing Board of the GEM Foundation gathers on June 27-28 in Pavia to discuss GEM’s current and future Working Programme and partnerships, and take strategic decisions on the Foundation and its sustainability. A number of strategic documents, including one on Achievements & Vision, has been prepared by the Secretariat as input to the discussions and will become available online over the summer.
Everyone can share his or her opinion on GEM’s challenges and opportunities, as part of the discussions at GEM Reveal. Follow them through an online notepad and Twitter(@GEMwrld) and send in your comments via #GEMRVL2013 and

Enhancing Partnerships

In view of GEM’s sustainability, many partnerships are forming and we are proud to announce that the Venezuelan FUNVISIS will be the 15th public participant of this public-private effort. Moreover the upcoming Reveal meeting offers an interesting opportunity for exploring and setting up new partnerships. If you have ideas or questions on partnering with GEM, read more here and contact us.


Share your expertise on dwellings and building typologies in your country or region to enhance the Global Exposure Database for everyone to use. It’s easy to contribute; download this form, spend at least 10 minutes on it (or more depending on your availability), and send it to 

New science on the shelf


From GEM Nexus

Check out GEM's community platform for more.

Exciting science

We are building a virtual library with the publications, reports and scientific inputs that are direct fruit of the global and regional projects carried out within the scope of GEM. Do get in touch if you worked on or know of any GEM-related publication.

Outreach & Upcoming

  • GEM contributed to the 2013 UN Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction, with a stakeholder workshop, a presentation for the entire scientific community and a short Ignite talk to shed a different light on what we do.
  • A variety of GEM-related presentations took place from February to June, both at conferences such as at EGU, but also in other settings, such as at Zurich Insurance Group's Natural Catastrophe Advisory Council meeting.
  • Nature featured GEM this week in an editorial and news article, depicting the concept of integrated risk, which is key to GEM (see below).

Do let us know about any presentation you are holding in the context of GEM, so we can feature it. You can also add your event to the GEM Nexus event calendar. We are happy to help you out with materials, templates and can provide other communication support.

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