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GEM Updates
Global Model Review Panel completes report
The Panel, consisting of seven international experts met on 18-19 April 2018 at the offices of the GEM Foundation in Pavia, Italy with the objective of providing advice to the GEM Governing...
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Governing Board meeting 2018: new partner, GRM2018 status and expert panel review report
The GEM Governing Board officially welcomes a new Advisor sponsor - PartnerRe into the GEM family during its first meeting in 2018 held from June 28-29 at the GEM headquarters...
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UNISDR selects John Schneider to the Expert Group of the Global Risk Assessment Framework (GRAF)
The GEM Foundation is proud to announce that John Schneider has been selected to UNISDR’s Expert Group of the Global Risk Assessment Framework (GRAF). The selection of John further solidifies GEM’s collaborative partnership with UNISDR, and put GEM in...
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International Conference for the Decade Memory of the Wenchuan Earthquake
This year’s International Conference on Continental Earthquakes commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake with an ‘International Conference for the Decade...
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Insurance for Natural Perils – A Solution for Nepal?
The government of Nepal recently conducted its annual RISK2RESILIENCE conference with the theme: International Conference on Experience of Earthquake Risk Management, Preparedness and Reconstruction in Nepal. The event, held...
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#MakeExposureGreatAgain: Understanding Risk Forum 2018
The fifth global Understanding Risk forum took place from May 14-18, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico at the Palacio de Minería. The annual event organized by the Global Facility for Disaster...
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GEM: Applicability to the insurance industry and collaboration with Oasis
Close to 100 participants attended the Oasis Conference, hosted by the Swiss Re Institute and Swiss Re's Cat Perils team on Ju...
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Nigel Priestley Seminar 2018
The Fourth International Nigel Priestley Seminar took place on May 24 and 25 within the premises of the CAR College Auditorium in Pavia. The Seminar is named in honour of Prof...
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16ECEE Thessaloniki, Greece
A large delegation of the GEM Foundation travelled to Thessaloniki, Greece, from June 18 to 21, in occasion of the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. The purpose of the Conference is to provide the perfect platform to...
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From Volcanic Hazard to Risk Assessment
The University of Geneva hosted the inaugural International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI) - Global Volcano Model Network (GVM) Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland from June 27-29...
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11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering
From June 25 to 29, the 11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (11NCEE) took place in Los Angeles, California. The theme of this year’s conference was integrating science, engineering, & policy...
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GEM in the News
Putting science to work for resilience
GEM Secretary General John Schneider recently participated in the inaugural meeting of UNISDR’s Expert Group of the Global Risk Assessment Framework (GRAF) held from June 13-14 in Geneva, Switzerland. John Schneider has been selected to UNISDR’s Expert Group of the Global Risk Assessment Framework (GRAF). Read more     

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Featured Publications

Financial Management of Earthquake Risk 

This report applies the lessons from the OECD’s analysis of disaster risk financing practices and the guidance in the OECD Recommendation on Disaster Risk Financing Strategies to the specific case of earthquakes. It provides an overview of the approaches that economies facing various levels of earthquake risk and economic development have taken to managing the financial impacts of earthquakes. Download

Aftershocks: Remodelling the past for a resilient future 

This report aims to provide readers with an accessible look at what would happen today if we were to experience some of the iconic disasters of the past. The report explores how risk modeling can be used to analyze natural events that led to the major disasters of the past, and to understand how these events might impact today’s more populous and connected world. Download     

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OpenQuake Updates
Download OQ engine (3.1 version, Lehman)

GEM dedicates each version to scientists and engineers for their significant contributions to understanding earthquakes and earthquake hazard and risk.

The OpenQuake engine Version 3.1 is dedicated to Meir "Manny" Lehman, (24 January 1925 – 29 December 2010). Lehman was a professor in the School of Computing Science at Middlesex University. From 1972 to 2002 he was a Professor and Head of the Computing Department at Imperial College London. His research contributions include the early realisation of the software evolution phenomenon and the eponymous Lehman's laws of software evolution. (source: wikipedia) Download
Download QGIS Plugin (3.1.0 version)


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To further advance the science and application of earthquake risk mitigation and resilience, GEM organizes and participates in various international events. Below is a list of events in the succeeding months where GEM will be actively participating.     

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Cities on Volcanoes
Event type: Conference
Date: 2-7 September 2018
Location: Naples, Italy
Organizer: INGV

Event page

ESC 36th General Assembly
Event type: Conference
Date: 2-7 September 2018
Location: Veletta, Malta

Organizer: European Seismological Commission (ESC)
Event page

OASIS Conference
Event type: Conference
Date: 13-14 September 2018
London, United Kingdom
Organizer: OASIS LMF
Event page

Century-old Seismograms Explain A 1906 Quake And Help Pinpoint Future Earthquake Hazards
A team of seismologists used 102-year-old seismograms to explain a deadly earthquake that struck Taiwan in 1906 - and to help predict future earthquake hazards along the country's complex networks of faults...
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Small earthquakes caused by migrating gases in the underground
Seismic data in the Istanbul-Marmara region show: Earthquakes carry out degassing, which can then cause further shocks...
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Welcome to the future of disaster risk management
The UR community is focusing more and more on accelerating the transition from producing risk information to communicating and using it. This year, the UR Forum abounded with innovative ways to talk about risk and inspire action...
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Exascale holds the key to generating realistic and accurate scenarios of future earthquakes
In this podcast interview, David McCallen of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discusses how computer simulation has become an essential component of earthquake design for major infrastructure, and the work of his team to develop more realistic simulations of earthquake scenarios for more accurate hazard assessment and understanding of societal impact...
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Seismic risk asessments: understanding SEL and SUL
Before getting into SEL & SUL, it’s important to establish the definitions and terms laid out by the latest ASTM Seismic Standards (E2026-16a). Historically, the term probable maximum loss (PML) has been used to describe building damageability in earthquakes, that is, the likelihood a building will experience damage during a seismic event...
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