Make Anything, Anywhere - June 2014 - Fun, Fulfillment, Fashion and Fixes!
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Fun, Fulfillment, Fashion and Fixes

Personalized jewelry and real automotive fixes being enabled by 3D printers costing less than US$1000.  Plus, why people join our You3Dit community.

This month’s Make Anything, Anywhere newsletter showcases two specific examples where people used the You3Dit community to solve their automotive and creative design challenges.

"People don't buy *what* you do, they buy *why* you do it." ~Simon Sinek

That was Simon Sinek's message throughout his 2009 TEDx talk entitled, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action."  This is why we asked you all from the very beginning when you registered, "Why do you want to join the You3Dit community?"  Since 2013, we've been reading your responses and tried to aggregate the overall sentiment of our community.

"I love 3D printing! Constantly looking for inspiration and ideas that I can create with my printer.  It brings me joy to watch things come into existence before my eyes in front of me..." said Noah, a You3Dit community member.

Business allows us to sustain our passions...and we do great business when passion and love for what we do are ingrained with solutions to customer needs.  This leads to fun and fulfilling work.  That is our goal at You3Dit; to put fun and fulfillment into every aspect of the work we do here. Here's the Top 10 reasons why you all said you joined the You3Dit network, many of which sound both fun and fulfilling:

  1. Profit (11%)
  2. Learning (7%)
  3. Experience (7%)
  4. Expansion (7%)
  5. Helping (6%)
  6. Making  (4%)
  7. Amortizing machine cost (4%)
  8. Designing (3%)
  9. Community (3%)
  10. Sharing (3%)
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Still not quite understand what we even do?  Check out this short, one-minute animation which illustrates the You3Dit process:
3D printing helps fix a design flaw in aftermarket wheels

So we always curb our enthusiasm about the vast possibilities of 3D printing with statements like, "well, I won't likely be 3D printing the axle of my car any day soon..." as the physical limitations of the materials along with the print geometries will always be considerations when designing for high-load and automotive applications.  Now, while we didn't print axles yet, we were delighted to 3D print spacer rings to fix some noisy, low-cost, aftermarket rims  Read the full review and watch the video on our blog
Preschool teacher designs her own personalized jewelry...A+

What do you give someone who can buy anything in the world they'd ever need / want?  Personalized, one-of-a-kind earrings for that special someone who--unless they can read your mind--would never be able to predict the coolness of your creative gift.  Katherine Brehob--a San Francisco Preschool Teacher--did just that and we were happy to help.  Read the story on our blog.
Have a cool story you think we should know about?  Let us know!

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