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The All-New

Because it was about time

Hi everyone!  Hope you all have been doing well and 3D printing like crazy.  I know we have been.  It's been awhile since we last reached out to you all via our newsletter but we'd like to start the conversation again.

Since we last sent an update (almost 1 year ago) we've done a bunch of things and are staying super busy: rebuilding our maker / designer / fabricator platform, building industry connections, serving customers, educating people and growing our community.  We've expanded from just 3D printers to many other digital fabrication tools: laser cutters, desktop CNCs, Vinyl Cutters and more!  Check'em out

We're also getting prepared for MakerCon and MakerFaire 2015!  We got a booth and we're hoping to see you there!  We'll have shwag, design challenges and other fun stuff.  This year MakerCon is held on May 12 & 13 in San Francisco, CA followed by the MakerFaire on May 16 & 17 in San Mateo, CA.  Buy your tickets for MakerCon and MakerFaire now!  Check out the lineup of other companies attending this year as well:

Below we have a screenshot of our all-new You3Dit platform - look familiar?  We borrowed the snazzy Pinterest look and put the "pins" on steroids so that now...each project "pin" posted has the potential to bring someone's creative idea to life!


This is our new dashboard of projects.  As you add new software skills or machines to our network (login > account settings > add a software skill / machine), you get options to apply to design and / or fabricate depending on the project type.  

So what's new about the site:
  1. You can post projects and have your friends help you design and fabricate
  2. You can review our "learning" resources in case you're stuck somewhere in the idea --> design --> fabrication process (
  3. You can register your software skills and machines.
  4. You can simply browse the public projects that are waiting for you to help bring to life!
So what are you waiting for?  Check out the all new and let us know if you have any questions or have any comments!
Want to take your 3D printing experience to an all new level?   Try 3D printing a prosthetic hand for someone.  On this project, we're not just lending a hand, we're giving one.  The 3D printable hand files are sourced from an amazing website called: where they pair people in need with people like you who own machines!  Let us know if you get involved and we'll help you out in any way we can!  It will change your attitude on 3D printing!

Huge thanks to for sponsoring the premium PLA filament and for sponsoring the all-new Printrbot Simple Metal Plus!
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