MakerCon + MakerFaire Updates & Newsletter Winners Announced!
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MakerCon and MakerFaire 2015 - Mega #MakerMayhem

Our first corporate presence at the Trade Show of all Maker Trade Shows: MakerCon and MakerFaire

We had a ton of fun getting to meet new makers, designers, fabricators, roboticators, drone'icators and all others who embrace the Maker Movement these past five days at MakerCon (the "conference" for the trends and forecasting of all things Maker) and MakerFaire (the "Greatest Show and Tell on Earth").

We had the privilege of rocking out with Hans Luther from - the exclusive reseller of Professional-Grade Voltivo 3D Printer filament and 3D printing supplies.  We also had Ms. Jihane L. volunteering with us at MakerCon on Day 2, helping meet, greet and explain what does and why we're so excited about building out this #sketch2solid process with all of you.  If you have any photos of you at our booth, please do Tweet / Instagram at us w/a hashtag: #sketch2solid!  We'd love to retweet to our followers!!

We also made some announcements at MakerCon and MakerFaire:

  1. You3Dit is offering over-the-phone Technical Support #HelpFromAHuman!  No more forums, no more waiting for e-mails...If you're having trouble with any of your software or machines, give us a call, we'll do our best to sort things out and allow you to talk to a real person.  You can call internationally via Skype.  Here's the toll-free number: +1.866.867.3105 (Toll Free)  As always, you can reach us via e-mail as well:  Friends don't let friends have broken or unused machines!
  2. You3Dit Inc. is Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited - WooHoo! Thanks to all of you who have supported us to keep growing and in business.  Check out the BBB description here.  What would you change?  What categories would you add?  Let us know.
  3. You3Dit Quality Control Contests - in an effort to better guarantee strong design and fabrication skills, we've started creating projects that our community can submit in order to get more jobs and improve our customer satisfaction.  Here's one for Design, and some for Fabrication: Laser Cutting and 3D Printing.
  4. We have two winners of the MakerCon Newsletter Raffle: Russ from and Sateesh!  You've both earned $100 upgrades to any project you submit on  Russ has already gotten started!  Check out his Up 27 Gucci Car Keychain.  Sateesh S., we'll be sending you an e-mail with details about your $100 project upgrade unless you reach out to us first!  Congrats.
Here are some of the highlights that we saw at MakerCon and MakerFaire 2015:

The Flux 3D Printer - includes 3D Scanning and 3D printing all in one device!!  They had a successful Kickstarter campaign and are now accepting pre-orders.

The Palette - Multi-filament printing from a single extruder 3D printer. Yes you read that correctly.  But "how?" might you ask?   Well, I can tell you these guys put a lot of work into this project and it's pretty amazing what they've built.   You can read more and possibly even back them and their Kickstarter (although the campaign ends on Wednesday, May 20th).

Orbit 1 Electroplating 3D Printer - Do you want to do your own Metal 3D Printing?  Well, this is not that...but it's DAMN close.  The Orbit 1 uses electroplating to coat your 3D printed models with a number of electroplated metals.  They're still short of their Kickstarter funding target so if you're a jeweler or want to add a layer of quality to your prints, the Orbit 1 just might do the trick!
Cubicity Inc. Passionate About Plastic - We had a good chance to even more up-close and personal with the filament provided by  It was awesome to see loyal customers come and visit Hans in his booth...expressing their thanks for providing such solid 3D Printing filament and then promptly re-stocking their inventory at special MakerFaire prices.

One product which flew off the shelves was his BioFila Linen and Silk products.  These filaments are produced with sustainability in mind but on top of all that, they also have really awesome color and texture!  They print like PLA but behave mechanically like ABS.  

Exclusive Newsletter Content:  We have jobs waiting for hungry designers and fabricators!!
Designs needed (paid projects):

Fabrication needed (accepting quotes):
  1. (Lanham, Maryland)
  2. (Boulder, CO, USA)
  3. (Madrid, Spain)
  4. (TBD)
Thanks again for coming out to #MakerFaire and #MakerCon.  Looking forward to next year!  All the best! ~Team You3Dit Inc.  Also, do you love the service we're building?  Vote us up on @lifehacker:

Looking to personalize, prototype or fix something?  Let us know!  We'd be happy to help bring your ideas to life!  Have you already fabricated something for us?  Let us know about it by using the hashtag #sketch2solid on InstagramFacebook and Twitter / TwitterES.
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