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Your Personal Ryse Recap
This final recap gives you an aggregated view of Ryse platform activity over the 6 days at SXSW. Overall our private-beta users met and rated close to 200 companies. Analytics, Social, Retail, and Emerging Media companies topped the Ryse charts this year at SXSW:
Top Five Fastest-Risers

Companies collectively rated highest by multiple private beta users at SXSW.

Pilot Offers
This word cloud represents top words entered in the "What kind of partnerships would this company be good for?" field in Ryse. We see brand disciplines jumping out, especially Brand, Media, Social Media, Promotion and Retail.

Pilot Offers
Using our sourced and proprietary tags around the nearly 200 companies rated at SXSW by our private-beta users, we see Enterprise, Media and Creative Development platforms most frequently evaluated.

What to expect moving forward
We watched your usage, measured your progress and listened to your feedback at SXSW. You will see a greatly enhanced new release in the next 45-60 days. Your input will factor heavily into new product features and extended functionality prioritized to create a valuable tool that allows you to more effectively source innovation.

Your Ryse private-beta access will continue for an additional 15-days unless you have upgraded your account to Pro or Premium. Please continue to give rise to every company you meet with in the meantime. If your account lapses, do not worry: we'll keep your data safe, secure and ready for your return as a free-user post-beta release or as a Pro or Premium user during our private-beta period.

We would love to hear more from you on how we can improve the product and build a more powerful tool. Please shoot us an email at

Thanks for your continued use of Ryse. All findings are confidential and we ask that you do not share publicly.
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