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Harvard Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy. Part of the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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Browse the headlines below to catch up on the latest insights and analysis, Inequality in the news, and noteworthy developments from the Malcolm Wiener Center's Inequality & Social Policy program. 

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Insight & analysis

The Man Who Foresaw Baltimore
May 1, 2015
By Bruce Western

Can Big Data Transform Social Justice?
May 1, 2015
CNN Opinion
By Phillip Atiba Goff, Visiting Scholar, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy

Improving Opportunity for Black Men
April 29, 2015
American Enterprise Institute 
Panel with Orlando Patterson [video]

The Problem With Grit
April 27, 2015
Education Week
By Jal Mehta, Associate Professor of Education and Ph.D. '06.


In the news

Accelerating Economic Mobility via Promise Zone Partnerships
April 28, 2015
The White House
(Press)  | 
Robert Putnam, Raj Chetty
Lead paint is poisoning poor Chicago kids as city cuts millions for cleanup
May 1, 2015
Chicago Tribune 
Robert J. Sampson

William Julius Wilson to Discuss Race and Economic Class
May 1, 2015
Library of Congress 
William Julius Wilson to deliver John W. Kluge lecture on May 21.

From the Hood to Harvard: An economist with lessons for Baltimore & other troublespots
April 30, 2015
The Economist | Roland Fryer

Black economics medalist on 'acting white': 'I didn't want to be singled out as anything'
April 30, 2015
Washington Post
Interview with Roland Fryer (See also: accompanying article)

New Research Paper Examines "Upskilling" in Flush Labor Markets
April 30, 2015
Harvard Kennedy School | Daniel Shoag (Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Ph.D. '11), Alicia Sasser-Modestino (Ph.D. '01) 

Seven ed research heavyweights to head to Albany to help direct evaluation overhaul
April 30, 2015
Chalkbeat New York | Thomas Kane

What's on Demographers' Minds? Millennials, Immigrants, Poverty
April 30, 2015
Wall Street Journal  | Highlights "The Changing Face of Poverty," co-authored by Christopher Wimer (Ph.D. '07)

The labor roots of Baltimore's anguish
April 29, 2015
Washington Post | William Julius Wilson

Racial Inequality After Racism: How Institutions Hold Back African Americans
April 28, 2015
Foreign Affairs | Discusses research by Lawrence Bobo, Roland Fryer, Devah Pager, and William Julius Wilson

Fryer wins Clark Medal
April 27, 2015
Harvard Gazette | Roland Fryer

Roland Fryer on Why Good Schools Matter
April 27, 2015
Forbes | Roland Fryer

American Cities at a Breaking Point
April 27, 2015
Chicago Sun Times | Citing research of Devah Pager

Forcing Black Men Out of Society
April 25, 2015
New York Times | William Julius Wilson, Devah Pager

After months of scandals, new rules in Mexico to tackle corruption
April 25, 2015
Washington Post | Viridiana Rios (Ph.D. '12)

Roland Fryer Wins John Bates Clark Young Economist Award
April 24, 2015
Bloomberg | Roland Fryer


Bruce Western elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 28, 2015
Awardee: Bruce Western

Claudine Gay named dean of social science
April 28, 2015
Harvard Gazette 
Claudine Gay

Quote of the week

"With luck, it will inspire more students, new ideas, & fresh approaches to the study of inequality in America."
Roland Fryer upon winning the John Bates Clark Medal for his pioneering research on race, education, and inequality
Harvard Gazette
April 27, 2015
Harvard Ph.D. students (G-1s and G-2s):
Now inviting applications for 2015-2016 doctoral fellows. Deadline: May 18, 2015.
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Harvard Meeting on Political Geography
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Organized by Ryan Enos and Michael Hankinson, Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy.

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