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StepBeyond Update  January 2018

Welcome to 2018!   
Read the Christmas Miracle story at is a True Back to Life from the Dead story!

CFO EMS SEARCH  StepBeyond Solutions Inc is Kicking off the year with a CFO Search!  
This client has acquired one Tier 3 EMS and seeks to acquire more in the $5 to $150 million range. 
Experience with M&A and EMS is essential. 
Refer any CFOs with EMS and M&A experience to John Myers

M&A    Merger and Acquisition Introductions: 
Would you like an introduction to discuss your company being acquired with one of our clients?
Contact John Myers 

StepBeyond Solutions Inc  Executive Search and Management Consultants to Electronics Makers   
What difference does experience make? StepBeyond brings more than resumes, more than just employees to your company. We bring a over 100 years of Electronics Industry Expertise, work for and with OEMs and EMS, and 100,000 interviewed.  Our executive level consulting insight is focused on what you are focused on...OPPORTUNITY   
We look forward to helping you take your company a StepBeyond!  

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Register today and for goodness sake....Create a Job Alert!  

StepBeyond Solutions Inc.   Schedule a call online with a StepBeyond Search Consultant at (pop up scheduler on the site) or email us today. 

John Myers - President -  Executive Search Consulting and Business Development
Darry English -  25 years Electronics Manufacturing & IT Search 
Ken Helwig - Executive Search & Sales / BizDev Search 
John Timms - Supply Chain and Operations Executive Search  

You may have heard that  my son was in a near fatal motorcycle wreck on November 14. 
Besides major physical injuries he was in a coma, which was expected to be fatal. However...he opened his eyes day 9! By day 14 he was talking!  I am ecstatic to say that he is out of the hospital, in the rehab hospital.  He is on the road to a full brain recovery, and his body is doing very well too. 
The Neurologist who  gave us the "bad news" on day 6  was shocked by his progress at day 21.  He could read and even gave the the definition of an "axon" (from his college studies)!!!   When he did that she spun around to me and declared, "That's right!".   I asked her if this was a miracle, to which she replied, "Yes, this is a miracle." 

My heart goes out to all who have lost someone dear to you. Though my son came back to life, he was technically dead, and I felt the pain albeit for a few days. I have gazed down that horrible tunnel leading to the pit.  

Yesterday I bumped into the Trauma Doctor who was at the ER when my son was admitted. He spent 4 hours in surgery saving his life that night.  I showed him the bright eyed picture of him I took last week. He said "That's why they teach us in Ortho to never give up."  
Good advice for all of us. Never Give Up.  No matter what happens, do  the right thing, do your best, and PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!!!   


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