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StepBeyond Update...9/15/2017
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In this issue
- Executive Guides needed for climbing Everest and Biz Growth. John Myers
- See you at SMTAI Chicago next week? 
- StepBeyond's Fractional EM experienced Executives and Management Consultants can guide you to your goals.
- Fractal Sales Solutions, solving Sales problems and creating opportunities to help growing EMS 
- It's a Heat Wave in the Southwest...and EMS Biz Dev! Ken Helwig
- Kim Ogles joins StepBeyond. Former Flextronics Global Talent Acquistion Manager


Manufacturing is rising...Executive Search in Electronics Manufacturing is way up from President and C level to Management searches across all sectors, departments and regions of the U.S.A..
John Myers  President

StepBeyond Solutions Inc  Executive Search and Management Consultants to Electronics Makers   
What difference does experience make? StepBeyond brings more than resumes, more than just employees to your company. We bring a over 100 years of Electronics Industry Expertise, work for and with OEMs and EMS, and 100,000 interviewed.  Our executive level consulting insight is focused on what you are focused on...OPPORTUNITY   
We look forward to helping you take your company a StepBeyond!  

You wouldn't climb Everest without a John Myers

That fact may seem obvious. In fact, without experience, a map and a compass which you know how to use you shouldn't even go for a mountain hike without a guide. A few turns in the mountains and forest and you may never find your way out. Same goes for business. Especially a business a demanding as Electronics Manufacturing. We who are growing a business need the help of others, though sometimes pride keeps us from admitting that fact.   

Successful growth requires great guidance and a great team.
I talk with Presidents and Owners of companies almost daily that are trying to chart a growth path, take advantage of an opportunity, or develop an exit strategy. I personally know how tough it is to grow a company to a level or in a way in which you have never been. Your vision and expertise is not enough at higher altitudes. That is where guides come in handy. Having a strong Board of Directors is good. Having a board that knows this industry is best, especially if they have done exactly you want to do before, and have done it successfully. StepBeyond works with company owners, PE investors and executives to build a strong executive support team, both formal and informal. 

Hire a Team that has been where you want to go! StepBeyond are experts in identifying your need and the right person. 
I have seen many clients try to grow a company with the wrong people. Clients have even willingly hired a executive that the search definition said was wrong for the job. One client replaced who he said was the wrong COO  with another wrong COO (it lasted less than 6 months). Another Division President client hired a candidate from a Tier 1 EMS and sector that we agreed was the wrong fit in the search definition! (That guy called me six months later as he was resigning. The job wasn't a good fit. Told you so.)  At StepBeyond we know we have been successful when our client achieves their goals, be it growth, turnaround or exit. 

StepBeyond has affiliated Management Consultants that we recommend to our clients. We have industry giants who are the leaders in Operations, Supply Chain, Factory Setup Startup and SMT Processes, Quality, Finance and Accounting, IT and not least Sales and Business Development. For example...Karl Berger 

KARL BERGER, President, Fractal Sales Solutions, is one such executive.  He has been an EMS President and VP of Sales for Tier 1, 2 and 3 EMS.  Karl works with Owners from Sales Strategy and Management development, to implementation and training. He also provides ongoing support often acting as a "Fractional" / Virtual" VP of Sales and Business Development.  Contact John Myers to discuss your situation so we can refer the perfect Executive Consultant for your company. 

FRACTAL SALES SOLUTIONS creates wealth for business owners and investors by providing Fractional Sales Leadership solutions that enables proven, professional, disciplined sales processes, affordably, while the business owner focuses ON the business.   The situations we frequently get involved in include, stalled growth, high sales turnover, financial event planning (i.e. exit planning or new acquisition growth) and new market initiatives. 

Meet us at SMTAI    June 20-21 & 22nd Golf Tournament

John Myers and Darryl English will be bringing their 25+ years each of search experience in SMT EMS OEM ODM Equipment Makers etc to  Chicago next week. 

RECORD HEAT WAVE & RECORD DEMAND FOR EMS BDM’s by Ken Helwig, StepBeyond Executive Search Consultant

Here in Silicon Valley we aren't accustomed to Texas heat. The Southwest US has had extreme heat this summer. (I 'm not complaining however. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in the Houston region, Florida and the Caribbean.) 
Just as the weather has been hot here, the demand continues to increase for Business Development Managers in EMS.  I have not this level of demand for BD professionals seen since the “pre-bubble bust” in 2001.  This increase is in all geographies across the US and in all sectors; pcb’s, pcba’s, box build, cables, integration, ect.  W

What is driving this pent-up demand of EMS services?  The elongated stabilization of the economy has given OEM’s and start-ups alike the confidence to turn back on the spigot that fills the supply chain.  This trickledown effect, along with the EMS providers themselves feeling secure enough to invest again in the “sales cycle”, has propelled the demand for BDM’s and Sales Executives and Staff to record highs. 
I am seeing another factor in the marketplace that is fueling this increased demand . That is the continual increase in the decision to bring back some manufacturing on-shore.  The prohibitive tariffs that have been imposed by the new Administration for imports has forced the OEM’s to look at domestic options again.  We all know this EMS industry runs in cycles but there are no signs yet that this current “growth” cycle is coming anywhere near it’s finish line.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!  

Ken Helwig, San Jose Ca., Executive Search Consultant at StepBeyond
Besides being the best golfer (and instructor) in Tech in Silicon Valley, Ken has 20+ years in EMS. He worked for the EMS his family owned in Silicon Valley until the early 2000s. Ken also worked for Jure Sola at Sanmina in Business Development and Program Management roles. 

Kim Ogles joins StepBeyond 

Ten's of thousands of you know Kim Ogles, or at least she has screened your profile and knows of you. In the 2000s, Kim was Global Talent Acquisition Manager for Flextronics. Kim ran a team filling 50 key, critical and executive positions each month. Kim will do what she does best for StepBeyond, filling jobs with great candidates and making her clients thoroughly satisfied with excellent results. Kim works from Vancouver, Washington. 

SEE STEPBEYOND'S JOBS HERE   Register - Apply - Create Job Alerts

Over 50 Jobs open from Toronto to Tijuana, oh wait we filled those (but more a coming.) We have growing clients, OEM/ODM/EMS/Suppliers, talking to us about as many as 75 searches coming their company in the near future. Register today and for goodness sake....Create a Job Alert!  

StepBeyond Solutions Inc.   Schedule a call online with a StepBeyond Search Consultant at (pop up scheduler on the site) or email us today. 

John Myers - President -  Executive Search Consulting and Business Development
Darry English -  25 years Electronics Manufacturing & IT Search 
Ken Helwig - Executive Search & Sales / BizDev Search 
John Timms - Supply Chain and Operations Executive Search  
Kim Ogles - Director Talent Acquisition (Formerly Flextronics Global Talent Acquisition Manager)


Darryl English
Executive and Technical Search Expert
25 Years Search Experience for Electronics Manufacturers and IT
Contact Darryl with your EM/EMS Search Today
Ken Helwig - Bay Area 
StepBeyond's Business Development Expert and resident Golf Pro. Ken has worked in BD & Program Management at Sanmina
Contact Ken with your Biz Dev Searches
John Timms 
Supply Chain Expert
John has worked at Sanmina, Flex, Nokia and Motorola in SC and PM. 
Contact John Timms with your Supply Chain Searches
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