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The BioScience Center January Newsletter

Another Incubator? Yes - Quite Possibly!

Stuart Rose, Founder of The BioScience Center, is working to close a deal to start our next incubator. This one will be in the Information Technology arena. We will incubate start-ups in game and app development, software development, digital media and cyber security. The potential location is amazing and in the heart of downtown Albuquerque not far from the same area intended to become the headquarters of Innovate ABQ (see below for our thoughts on this development). If you are thinking of starting a company in any area related to IT, especially if very high speed internet (at least 300 mbs) is needed - feel free to email us for details! We'll hope to announce additional details and our location within the next couple of weeks.

While The BioScience Center is at capacity, we do still have room in our community lab. This wet lab (available for biology or chemistry use) is meant to be shared with biotech and life sciences start-ups that are not current residents at our center and need a short amount of time in a wet lab for research. Sure, working at home in your garage is fun, but why not give our incubator a try? You might just have a business collision or discover something about your technology that will enable you to become a resident! We may also have a graduating company soon and their lab and office will open up. If you would like to be kept abreast of potential openings, or get a tour of The BioScience Center, please email us.

Another new project we just completed with the help of Sara Douglas of Sara Douglas & Company LLC is something we call the NM Capital Continuum. The NM Capital Continuum (shared here and available for download via PDF format) is your one-stop resource for information on the funding available to start-ups, from R&D to Survival to Growth stages, regardless of your capital needs. All of this public information has been compiled in a simple to use, single reference. Please feel free to share the link, or contact us if you would like to report an update to its content.

We are so excited to see one of our newest residents growing! Green Theme Technologies LLC (GTT) has been developing a proprietary, non-fluorocarbon chemical treatment process for water-repellent treatment of various textiles over the past two years.  A US patent and an international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application has been filed to protect the technology in 130 countries.  The chemical formulation and application method developed by GTT is environmentally-safe, uses no hazardous chemicals and is comprised of about 1/3 natural ingredients, yet independent tests have shown that it outperforms the conventional textile treatment process both in rain repellency and in its ability to last at least 75 wash/dry cycles without any detectable reduction in performance.  In addition, the cost of the treatment is actually less than the conventional treatment process, a very important consideration for commodity materials. 

The development work done by GTT has been partially sponsored by a major outdoor apparel manufacturer that has been closely involved in the development and testing of the GTT technology.  Last month, the first phase of development work done by GTT was successfully completed as the treated material for the sponsor met all of their performance requirements and a few test garments using the GTT treatment were produced for test marketing.  Results of the test marketing have proven successful and GTT will now be moving into the second phase of development: scale-up.  That work will also be partially funded by the performance apparel manufacturer.

In addition to the outdoor apparel manufacturer, GTT has also been approached for licensing its technology to an atmospheric pressure plasma equipment manufacturer and a chemical manufacturer for commercial supply and distribution of the proprietary chemical formulation.  GTT has expanded its customer base by demonstrating that its treatment can meet mil-spec requirements for ballistic body armour and the rain repellency requirements of a major outdoor furniture manufacturer.


Company Spotlight:
Respira Therapeutics

The news is out! Our brand new 500 sq. ft. lab was built for Respira Therapeutics, Inc.!

Respira Therapeutics relocated its technical laboratory from Austin, TX to The BioScience Center right here in Albuquerque.

Respira Therapeutics, Inc. is a development stage inhaled pharmaceutical company, applying its patent pending, high efficiency Afterburnerâ„¢ Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) technology as a competitive weapon to uniquely enable the delivery of dry powder drugs for indications requiring superior targeting of drug to the lung.

Respira is also hiring for three positions:

  • Sr. Inhalation Formulation Scientist
  • Sr. Inhaler Development Engineer
  • Technician

If you're interested in learning more about Respira's open positions, send an inquiry to

A word from the Director

We want to congratulate the UNM Board of Regents on their unanimous decision to let the University of New Mexico purchase the old First Baptist Church site downtown for its Innovate ABQ project.

There aren’t many people who view Albuquerque or the State of New Mexico as being on the right track economically. Our economic development efforts, despite hard work and excellent intentions of bright people, just hasn’t worked. We need to change our strategic direction.

It is the view of those at The BioScience Center that the concepts driving the establishment of Innovate ABQ are exactly what we need to trigger a rethinking and set the stage for real economic development that builds on the inherent advantages of the unique capabilities and strengths of our community.

We believe the success of The BioScience Center as an incubator for startup companies demonstrates the vacuum that has existed here. Extending that focus on innovation and entrepreneurship via Innovate ABQ will lead to a higher than normal probability that this approach to economic development will lead to a new future for Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico.

We are proud to support the effort and look forward to working with UNM and the City of Albuquerque on the development of Innovate ABQ.

Workshops at The BioScience Center


January 23 - 11:30 - 1:00pm
Market Research for Start-ups

“We’re small, we can’t afford market research.” A mistake of any kind — entering a crowded market, the wrong product features, pricing, the wrong target customer, is more costly for a start-up than for an established company. A start-up cannot afford NOT to invest in market research. And if you are looking for outside funding, you will need to prove to potential investors that you performed due diligence.

Join us for this workshop lead by Marcia Kaplan and learn about the different kinds of market research, what to research, and free or low-cost research resources.

This is a brown-bag lunch event (bring your own lunch!). Soft drinks and water will be provided. This workshop is free – but you do need to register!

Marcia Kaplan has over 20 years of experience in market research and strategy consulting for high-technology companies. She specializes in market segmentation, market forecasting, competitive analysis, due diligence, product positioning, channel strategies, and end-user analysis.

Jan 29 and Feb 19, 2014 - 8:00am to Noon
Strengthening Your Resiliency Workshop

Resiliency is something you DO, not something you have or don’t have. Becoming more resilient is a process, not a program or outcome. It’s a muscle that gets stronger when you focus on it. You can strengthen your resiliency muscle by working to develop your unique combination of inborn abilities and focusing the daily choices you make.

Keystone International, Inc. is offering an interactive 8-hour class is divided into two 4-hour sessions at The BioScience Center. In the first session, you learn specific tools to strengthen your innate resiliency muscle and then you have the opportunity to practice those tools daily for 3 weeks. When you return for the second class, you will continue to build on what was learned and practiced in the first session.

This course is taught by Anne Lightsey, an exceptional trainer, who provides practical and easily applied learning.

Cost is only $200 which includes continental breakfast and course materials. This is a two-day event scheduled for January 29 AND February 16 from 8am to Noon.

If you’d like more information about this excellent course or to Register, please call Keystone at 505-797-8881.


February 20 - 11:30 - 1:00pm
Your China Strategy

Have you ever wondered how to include China, with its vast resources and market pull, as part of your startup’s strategy for success?  In the past, “working with China” simply meant outsourcing manufacturing to China or contracting with a distribution channel to sell goods there.  But now, even if you don’t yet have a product to manufacture or sell, you can still leverage China’s capital, policies and market pull to assist your startup in accelerating your technology to market.

In this workshop, Yun Li, Ph.D., will share insights gleaned from extensive experience in China and explain how a US startup can work with the country to leverage Chinese policies, capital, and human resources to your company’s advantage.

This is a brown-bag lunch event (bring your own lunch!). Soft drinks and water will be provided. This workshop is free - but you do need to register!

Coming in March!
Hiring Right the First Time

A bad hire can be worse than doing all of the work yourself! If you hire the wrong person, you may spend more time (and money!) fixing the situation than if you were doing all of the work. However, a good hire can make the difference between success and failure in a small business. This informative workshop will give you tips to help you make your next hire a great one. Learn what not to ask in an interview and learn some important and unusual questions you should ask.  Find out how to avoid some legal pitfalls that most people overlook and discover some ways to make you hiring process give you a competitive advantage.

Join us for this workshop lead by Michelle Detry and Wendy Shannon to learn what every small business needs to about hiring right the first time. Date to be announced soon!

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