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Guardian opts for HyGear's HGS


Leading international glass manufacturer Guardian has opted to implement innovative on-site hydrogen generation systems (HGS) on its production facilities in remote areas. HyGear is providing the systems with the aim of helping Guardian profit from a cost-attractive and reliable supply of industrial hydrogen. Guardian chose HyGear after an intensive testing programme that started with a Luxembourg field trial three years ago. One of HyGear’s container-based HGS systems was installed in parallel with the existing tube trailer supply in order to deliver Guardian’s local glass plant’s base-load need of pure hydrogen. An experimental period in which the system was tested thoroughly proved that the system operates successfully in a 24/7 environment, directly feeding the float glass production line of Guardian’s Luxguard II factory.

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Gas upgrading system installed in Norway


HyGear's state of the art Gas Upgrading System (GUS) has been installed as part of the self-sufficient hydrogen filling station in Norway, a project of Hynor Lillestrom AS. Main objective of the project is exploiting biogas and renewable energy sources for on-site hydrogen production. HyGear's GUS upgrades the landfill gas to high purity methane before it enters the reformer. Project partners are IFE and HYSTORSYS.

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Mercedes-Benz BlueEfficiency Award


The jury chose HyGear unanimously for its innovation contributing to sustainable mobility. HyGear's Hydrogen Generation System (HGS) is a step towards the new generation zero emission vehicles. In contradiction to most current hydrogen fueling solutions, the HGS generates hydrogen from natural gas on-site, overcoming the necessity of inefficient supply chains and large hydrogen storage.

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HyGear is a clean tech company, specialized in efficient small-scale chemical gas processes.
HyGear's miniaturized gas processing systems can be installed at the end users’ sites, with which inefficient supply chains become obsolete and local gaseous waste streams can be turned into valuabl
e products. HyGear: engineering for sustainable growth.

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