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Succesfull shipping HGS-L to flat glass plant


During the first quarter of 2013, HyGear succesfully installed two more Hydrogen Generation Systems (HGS-L) in the flat glass industry. In this application, hydrogen is used to prevent the molten glass from impurities when flowing on the tin bath.
HyGear's systems are tailored to the glass industry: nominal output is 42 Nm3/h per system, enough to supply exactly one float glass line with the right purity of hydrogen. By cascading multiple systems or by application of HyGear's larger system, larger glass factories can be served as well.
On-site hydrogen supply is a reliable method with a highly competitive price compared to conventional methods.

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Combined heat and power by downsized reformer


As downscaling gas processes is our business, we went a step further in downsizing steam reformer technology for a 1kWe micro CHP system. A dual fuel burner tightly integrated with a catalytic steam reformer delivers hydrogen to a solid oxide fuel cell stack (SOFC), producing electricity and warm water at high efficiency. In July 2013 the testing of the prototype will start showing HyGear's smallest scale SMR technology to date in a fully automated fuel cell system.

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HyGear is a clean tech company, specialized in the downscaling of chemical processes.
These miniaturized gas processing systems can be installed at the end users’ sites, with which extensive inefficient supply chains become obsolete and local gaseous waste streams can be turned into valuable products.
HyGear: engineering for sustainable growth.

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