Newsletter No. 6 - 2016
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For practical purposes, BIGCCS is brought to an end. Eight years crammed with intensive and exciting R&D activities have passed since former Prime Minister, Mr Jens Stoltenberg officially opened our Centre at the kick-off meeting in Trondheim on June 22, 2009. The official conclusion of the Centre was marked with the two-day Final Conference held on October 26-27, this fall. Seventy attendees, almost half from industry partners, gathered for the last Consortium Day, which summarized the BIGCCS achievements. The missing deliverable at this time is the Final Report. Work is well underway and the report will be available during the first quarter 2017.

Even though the last eight years have provided challenges for the CCS technology as such in terms of framework conditions, BIGCCS has steadfastly carried out its research strategies according to plan. By and large, we have delivered what we promised, and in certain areas more than planned. We have contributed in setting the international research agenda for CCS, we have delivered world-class research results, and we have produced 34 PhD/postdoc candidates, around 600 publications, a series of innovations and three TCCS conferences. These are but some of the BIGCCS contributions, that have been made possible only through a genuine team effort between industry, research organizations and academia.

In the advent of the upcoming holiday season, we would take this opportunity to thank each and all of you for major or minor contributions to the BIGCCS Centre over the last eight years. In particular, we are grateful to:
  • The Research Council of Norway – for the funding and for being a demanding and constructive FME "parent"
  • The industry partners – for the funding and for the close cooperation, which has included exchange of ideas and information that has "kept activities on track"
  • The research partners – for dedication, devotion, and hard work, and for having delivered quality work, on time, year after year
A special greeting also to the PhD and Postdoc candidates and their supervisors/advisors for an impressive ability to complete the projects on time. The "efficiency" of the BIGCCS Academic Program has been remarkable. With one exception only, the 34 candidates have completed their projects with an aggregate of only 10 months extra time. Beat that! We wish you the best of luck in future endeavours!

To you all: Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


PS. To those concerned about the future of CCS research in Norway: Relax! A new FME - the Norwegian CCS Research Centre - is alrady on its wings. Read more below.

From the BIGCCS Team

BIGCCS Final Conference, Oct. 26-27

The BIGCCS Final Conference was held in Trondheim on October 26-27, 2016. The aim was to sum up the eight years of activities. 70 attendees contributed in making the event a success. On the program were 29 oral presentations and 37 posters. Highlights from the conference can be found here.

Natural gas can give green hydrogen

Partow Henriksen and Jonathan Polfus have written a chronicle about how membranes can be used in obtaining clean hydrogen from natural gas, and in this way contribute towards the green shift and future value creation in Norway. Read the chronicle, which appeared in Dagens Næringsliv 14. oktober 2016, here (in Norwegian).

NCCS kicks off

No need to worry about the future of CCS research in Norway. As BIGCCS is winding down, a new FME on CCS is already established. NCCS, or the Norwegian CCS Research Center, held its official kick-off meeting in Trondheim on November 4. Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Mr. Tord Lien, opened the Centre. More information about NCCS and the kick-off meeting here.

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