BIGCCS Newsletter No. 6 - 2014
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With the X-mas just around the corner, another hectic BIGCCS period is soon to an end. This time we bring you information on oxy-fuel technology demonstration and advancements in well technology, in addition to reports from some of the fall's meetings. As always we are very proud to announce the completion of yet another PhD candidate. Recently we have introduced a blog on our website. Please, visit (and re-visit) to stay abreast.

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From the BIGCCS Team

Use of gas turbine in oxyfuel power process has been demonstrated

After three years of development and testing, SINTEF, Siemens, and partners have produced a well-functioning oxyfuel gas turbine based power process. During the project they have developed and tested a gas turbine combustor for which Siemens has applied a patent. (read more)

Avoiding leakage from wells – the key to safe CO2 storage

Are you interested in saving our climate by enabling large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)? Then you are (believe it or not) also interested in advancing today’s well technology. Why? Because wells are the “gatekeepers” of stored CO2! Their quality will determine for how long CO2 remains imprisoned in deep subsurface reservoirs. (read more)

BIGCCS Storage Day 2014

The BIGCCS CO2 Storage Day 2014 was organised in Trondheim September 22, gathering 32 representatives from BIGCCS partners taking particular interest in CO2 storage. By bringing together industry, Gassnova and researchers from BIGCCS the meeting aimed to discuss the results from on-going research and improve our understanding of what the priorities should be for future research on CO2 storage to enable large scale CCS. (read more)

Technical meeting in SP2 CO2 Transport

On Monday 17 November, BIGCCS sub-programme 2 on CO2 Transport arranged a technical meeting to inform centre partners on the current status and progress. Representatives from industry and the Research Council of Norway called in. (read more)

IMPACTS and BIGCCS visit partners in Bochum in Germany

Ruhr Universität Bochum has over 40,000 students and 4,500 permanent employees. Here you can study everything from film, language and African culture, through history, engineering and astrophysics, to gases’ thermophysical properties. And precisely because of this last thing were participants of the EU project IMPACTS gathered in Bochum two days in the end of October. (read more)

Sissel Grude new BIGCCS PhD

Sissel Grude defended her PhD degree on October 22. Under the project title “Geophysical monitoring of CO2 injection in saline aquifers”, she has studied time-lapse seismic monitoring of pressure and saturation changes caused by CO2 injection in a saline aquifer. (read more)

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