Gone with the Wind - No 3. 14-April-2013
"Oh Rhett...".
Yes - 'Gone with the Wind' is a pretty cheesy title for a wind newsletter but we figured its marginally better than 'Blowing in the Wind' or 'Candle in the Wind'.

We have had a number of great and very productive meetings with key stakeholders over the last few weeks. Unfortunately we cannot report on those conversations. Yet.
Yes - we know that that is about as much use as a news report saying "unconfirmed sources say...". But really - things are definitely moving in the right direction. More later!

Below are some snippets of news since we were last in touch. We post these items on twitter (@SaskWind) as they happen so get them there if you would like to avoid the long wait for the newsletter.
Energy documentaryA few days ago Saskatoon Community Wind (SCW) was invited to a screening of 'Switch' at the University of Saskatoon. It was billed as an 'agenda-free documentary' but we detected a strong whiff of hydrocarbons and lots of 'we can't do this because..'. Check out our blog of 3-Apr. 

The Health Costs of Coal in Alberta - $300million annually
The health impact costs associated with burning coal for electricity in Alberta are close to $300-million annually according to this report by a coalition of Canadian health and environmental groups: they include the Asthma Society of Canada, The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, The Lung Association of Alberta & the North West Territories and the Pembina Institute.
Now that would make your eyes water!
Check out our blog of 30-Mar

Globe and Mail: Wind in Canada - Big and foreign-owned causing backlash in Ontario. This article notes that Canada's wind industry 'is controlled by a handful of large companies' and that this is contributing to much of the backlash against wind being seen in other parts of the country (particularly in Ontario).  
It is precisely this large company problem which Saskatoon Community Wind (SCW) is designed to address. SCW will only happen if the people of Saskatoon want it and it will be designed, built and owned by Saskatoon-region residents and businesses.

Gas price volatility and what it means for electricity prices.
Natural gas is dirt cheap (no pun intended) which is causing a 'dash for gas' across North America. However gas is not a panacea and the UK, for example, provides an object lesson in what happens when a country depends excessively on it for electricity. (UK retail electricity prices have increased by 50% in five years).
In the US natural gas prices have doubled in the last year alone. Have a look at these three blogs;   
12-Apr. The perils of dependency on gas: fuel price volatility
5-Mar.  Hedge value of wind in era of low gas prices
21-Feb. Utilities flock to lower priced wind power

Los Angeles and Nevada to phase out coal and replace it with natural gas and renewables. In the last couple of weeks both Los Angeles and Nevada (combined population 6 million)  have announced that they will phase out their coal plants and replace them with natural gas and renewables. See our blog posts of 22-Mar (LA) and 6-Apr (NV Energy), .

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